Walmington…. Are You Ready To Rock?

Marvellous news.

My monthly subscription to Word wafted onto the mat yesterday, and scanning through the letters on page 66 who did I see? – ME!!!!.

They’ve printed my email about old rock n roll soldiers David Bowie, Van Morrison, Alice Cooper, Iggy Pop, The Pet Shop Boys plus others who could all be specific Dad’s Army characters.

For Example Van Morrison would make a perfect captain Mainwaring. Now I’m not gonna tell you who’s who – you’ll have to check the mag for that. But It’s even got a photo with my suggested line up. How cool is that??

This rock veterans idea was inspired after listening to the Word Podcasts and two spectacular Van Morrison stories. I’m not particularly a Van fan which shows you how good they must be. The Word team are becoming the Lennon and McCartney of podcasters. So get over to Itunes and get downloading – it’s all free.


6 Responses to “Walmington…. Are You Ready To Rock?”

  1. good game … it works with any Perry n Croft masterpeice …. aint alf hot, are you being served, blah works a treat

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    What a great idea Britney would have to be Mrs Slocombe

  3. after all we have all seen her ‘pussy’ …

    how about Mr Humphries played by elton of course or mr rumbold by homer simpson heh heh

  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    Or flashing her bloomers

    I think I might go for Dave Gilmour as the ol boy with the tape measure round his neck. Keith Richard as Young Mr Grace,

    And perhaps Mika as Mr ‘inside leg’Humphries

  5. i just heard the latest via David Hepworth’s blog. Fantastic stuff.

  6. Planet Mondo Says:

    I read apparantley she’d just taken some anti depressants. before the performance. She should have saved them for afterwards

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