Sex Pistols Are Coming !!!!!

So the Sex Pistols are back !

They could reform every year and roll round the world as far I’m concerned. How often do you get to see real life legends, who’ve turned the music, fashion, media, and design industries up side down. Whose look, sound and attitude is still referenced as undiluted source material today.

Walk down almost any high Street and you’ll see the shadow of the Sex Pistols somewhere.

I doubt I’ll get tickets.I don’t care. It’s just a buzz to know they’re buzzing for it too.

I’m planning to upload a super rare bootleg next month Party Till You Puke – which is the complete and studio quality demo’s for the NMTB sessions including the only studio recording of Sid playing bass (on Submission).

So if you’ve got a Pistols buzz, treat yourself with some of these goodies

Ignore the ninnies who say the Sex Pistols can’t play, and blast this in their ears.

No Feelings – instrumental version.mp3

Sex Pistols poster – offline
A high Res version of the first ever Sex Pistols poster (as pictured above, but much larger), given away in the German music magazine Bravo.

Or why not have a peep at an earlier pistols blog of mine about at a Spanish Punk band’s cover of NMTB

Then have a nosey at this Filth and the Fury trailer and see why the tickets will probably sell out in less time than it takes to watch this clip


7 Responses to “Sex Pistols Are Coming !!!!!”

  1. Do you realy think they are buzzing for it though? Or do they just want the money?

    I wish they would just let it lie to be honest. Don’t get me wrong I love the Pistols, but reforming again and no doubt charging a small fortune for a ticket? I’m not sure.

    If they were bring out new material, and I’m not sure that would be the best idea either, then maybe I could understand it.

    The Jesus and Mary Chain and The House of Love (two of my favourite 90’s bands) have recently played and very good they were too. And they have brought out, or will be bring out newer stuff.

    This gig smacks of what the Pistols have always been about, a marketing ploy. A very good one and one that actually made good music and inspired a multitude of kids to make music sure, but a marketing ploy nonetheless.

    And I’m not sure I really want to see middle aged men snarling ‘No Future’ to be honest. Although I’m sure many people will.

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    When they first reformed in 96 I thought it was all wrong and totally against everything they’d stood for.
    nd then I saw a video of them at Phoenix festival. It all made sense. Bugger off Brit Pop pretenders this is how it’s done.
    Powerful, incredible and absolutely devastating.

    Realistically it’s not about the money.(37 Earth pounds at Brixton isn’t a fleecing) They received a decent out of court settlement years ago. Rotten’s got a healthy property portfolio, and the others probably get enough from record sales and worldwide airplay to keep them ticking over

    This isn’t some tacky piece of nostalgia, it’s not Spandau Ballet or Status Quo doing all the hits at Christmas to meet the mortgage payments. It’s the Sex Pistols doing an album that changed the world and redefined pop culture.

    At a time when girls Girls Aloud are edgy, the charts are in meltdown, Simon Cowell is the Buddha of pop, and five flailing solo Spice Girls reforming is like the second coming. We need the Sex Pistols more than ever

  3. Mondo makes for a good argument here, but I’m probably gonna swing with the sandwich filling on this one.

    It’s not that the Pistols are unwelcome in their reformation, God only knows what with bands such as the Eagles and The Police reforming to squeeze every last drop of bread from middle aged ‘concert’ goers and CD buyers it will at least be a change to see the Pistols doing it for the right reasons – because we’re such mugs! But they are not doing it for the ‘right’ reasons which, in my opinion, is about ‘art’.

    Now don’t get me wrong here. Art was never the Pistols strong point, but when Lydon was doing PIL, it was all about art. And that’s what I would like to see return. Lydon doing something that doesn’t smack of a quick buck. I also believe that the Pistols are a bit cheesed off that they never actually spent much being a proper band and this is their way of saying that ‘we matter’.

  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    If you type Sex Pistols Anarchy into youtube you’ll see a few clips.
    Watch the live in Sweden one (77) then the Phoenix one (96) and see the difference.

    It would be criminal to can a band of this power off. The art of the pistols has always been attitude and performance – in interviews the studio, lyics, and live shows.

    It was this attitude that caused bands to pop up wherever they played during the 70’s.

    Watch those clips and you’ll see why they matter as much now as they ever have. To put the frightners on pop puppets and U.S corporate punk bands

  5. Sho nuff. Have to admire the passion.

  6. I am as synical as they come when it comes to the reform. People like the Police, Blondie, you nake it, they will spout a million reasons as to why they are getting back (despite having always said they wouldn’t) “miss my good buddies” (yeah, you bin slaggin em off for the last 20 years), “feeling really creative”, “always felt we never tied up the lose end” blah blah blah. They are, of course, all lies. Money talks, and will always win in the end – even those reunions that will NEVER take place (stone roses, the smiths etc) will all happen when the current account is getting low, and the offer has got high.

    And that it what makes the Pistols reunions a breath of fresh air – they have reformed 3 times now, and each time the reason has been “we want your money”. Good on em, anf if it pisses people off even better!

    I saw them in 96 and as my all time favourite band was shitting myself – but they blew me away. They can all play better now than ever anyway.


  7. Anonymous Says:

    Thank god the pistols are back just hope they play perth australia. We get all this emo garb fucking punk over it is not funny and to think people are starting to call fall out boy punk which they certainly are not, show em who the boss is pistols

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