Funky Friday – Duets You Couldn’t Dream Up (In a Good Way)

I’ve got two Youtube frug fest’s this week, and a rare Tom Jones Northern Soul stomper available for download at the bottom.

Ray Charles and Billy Preston – Agent Double O Soul

Put those star performers together and you know that something good is going to happen! Doing Agent Double O Soul? That’s it then,’banker’ – no question, and a screamingly green suit is just the cherry on the top..

But if that funky bundle’s not enough to lock your focus, wait until Mr Billy Preston does his scatter bomb bursts of leg actions, and jives like the jiggins for 1 minute and 42 seconds.

If he tried any harder he’d pop from the screen and dance like a pixie on the desk.

“Its a shame Ray Charles can’t enjoy it!” was the cry from Mrs Mondo. Hmmmm

If you feel inspired to learn some of these groovy moves, why not shimmy over to the tip top Landcrofthouse blog and enjoy a James Brown masterclass showing on this screen

Tom Jones and Janis Joplin – Raise Your Hand

Starts as a “You Bump – I’ll Grind” duet, which smolders,smokes and shakes away politely(in what looks like a swingers bistro)until the sax solo kicks in. After that it’s volcanic vocals and lava flows of funk and fatbacking, all the way to the finish line. Sort of Hieronymus Bosch at the discotheque..

Tom Jones – Stop Breaking My Heart.mp3


One Response to “Funky Friday – Duets You Couldn’t Dream Up (In a Good Way)”

  1. Some fine Leg actions from Mr Preston there. Top stuff.

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