Duet’s You Couldn’t Dream Up (Not In a Good Way)

Lulu and Johnny cash – Games People Play

Probably the most fumble fingered pre song chit chat since records began, which swerves from haggis and potatoes to Glaswegian Police recruitment.
Unfortunately these clumsy stumbles and toe treading techniques carry on for the duration of the song.

A song soundtracked by showbiz horns, Isley Brothers guitar and higgldy piggldy piano.

Lulu and Cash would make a great name for a detective series though.


5 Responses to “Duet’s You Couldn’t Dream Up (Not In a Good Way)”

  1. Lest we forget – Cilla Black and Marc Bolan sing Life’s A Gas, or, the very worst, Bowie ‘n’ Bing do Little Drummer Boy. Aaagh!

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    I can watch the Marc and Cilla one without too much cringing (I even used it in a posting last week)

    Stevie Wonder and Robert De Niro’s Sesame Street spots are bizarre and Bowie and Klaus Nomi doing Boy’s Keep Swinging is even more mind melting if you can find it.

  3. eerrr mr ferrys eyes tell me more about the amount of ‘peruvian marching powder’ he just stuffed up his nose than anything else …i doubt he even remembers the bus ride home let alone the stinking duet .. it was a lorra laffs tho

  4. .. oh and i was cringing so much that i coulnt even get to the song with the cash n lulu clip … i chickened out and haggis and her crao scottish accent … ha!

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    Showbiz Lovies stage left and
    quiffed crooners stage right.

    See if you can take the pain and stick with the Lulu/Cash thing to the end – I don’t get how a big bloke like Johnny Cash can have such skinny little legs. It’s like Mr Incredible

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