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Wraiths With The Devil

Posted in halloween, horror, mini mix, Rolling Stones on October 31, 2007 by planetmondo

Here’s something to put the frighteners on those pesky trick or treaters, and Halloween party hangers on.

The Rolling Stones – Too Much Blood

The Stones go death disco in this video nasty directed by Julien Temple.
Bleeding TVs, Keith looking like Captain Black and lurking like the Midnight Rambler, Easter Island Bill Wyman with a headless bass and Mick doing his voodoo dancing around the ruins. Yikes!!! Is there room for one more behind the settee?

Now why not pop over to channel mondo and check out the Trilogy Of Terror that’s been showing on Channel M
Or enjoy some grave shaking grooves in a Mondo mini Mix

Frighty Night Is Music Night

Tracklist of Terror

R Dean Taylor – There’s A Ghost In My House
Fabienne Delsol – I’m Gonna Haunt You
Ella Fitzgerald – Knock On Wood
Corduroy – The Frighteners
The Ventures -Superstition
Edgar Winter Group – Frankenstein (edit)
Amanda Shankar – Jumpin’ Jack Flash
The Rolling Stones – Too Much Blood

Also don’t forget to check out the Halloween theme mini mix from last Friday – here


The End Of The World From The Worlds End

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Funky Friday – Tunes From The Crypt

Posted in dusty springfield, Funky Friday, halloween, mini mix on October 26, 2007 by planetmondo

Every Friday is Funky Friday on Planet Mondo – Halloween has come early this Friday and brings you something Dusty and spooky, high camp and Hard Rock from 1969, a hidden vid’ and a half hour (hellfire) Radio Mondo mix of Physc Rock , Garage a Go-Go and Freak Funk treats

Dusty Springfield – Spooky
Hang on mo’ isn’t that Jo Whiley, and I’m sure that colour combo’s from something by Lyons Maid or Wall’s in the 70’s. Is it me or does Spooky sound a bit like this?

Wonderland – Love’s a Murder

I haven’t a clue who these crazy crypt kickers are, but stick with it to the end, there’s a twist you see….

Radio Mondo – Tunes From The Crypt
Download the Halloween themed Mini Mix here
Or sink your teeth into it below


Shadow Mann – Shadow Mann
Marsha Hunt 22 – (Oh No! Not) The Beast Day
Merry Clayton – Gimme Shelter
Georgie Fame – Somebody Stole My Thunder
The Coasters – Love Potion No9
Thelma Houston – Jumping Jack Flash
Patti Drew – Fever
The Bobby Fuller Four – Magic Touch
Five By Five – Fire
The Gee-Cees – Buzzsaw Twist
The Sonics – Strychnine
Les Lionceaux – Nowhere To Run

I really should have Stuck Al Wilson – The Snake at the end, but it’s too late now. If the feedback is good and the downloads are hot I may crack out another Fright Night Mini Mix in time for All Hallows Eve

If your still buzzing for more spooky soul click here
to see The Flirtations vamping it up in Hammer Horror style promo for Nothing But A Heartache – which also includes another Mondo Mini Mix

Blogbuster – Gather Round For New Booties

Posted in beastie boys, blogbuster, Bootleg remixes, The Beatles on October 25, 2007 by planetmondo

I’m a terror for a bootleg remix – especially if it’s based round The Beatles, Beastie Boys or both. There’s something about these home made hybrids, and bits of bastard pop that’s never lost the gloss for me. Finding shiny new booties fresh out of the box is a rare treat. Luckily there’s two full free albums worth over at – Gather Round Children.

‘For the Beasties in the Burroughs, For the Beatles in Britain’
– Booties featuring The Beach Boys, Beck, The Editors, The Supremes

‘Good News For People Who Love to Get Krunk’
– The voices of Outkast over the music of Modest Mouse.

Why not taste test these two booty beauties

You’re a Rich Man, Baby, Thus Favored By Santa

Set Me Free, Chorus of Chicagoans_ Why Don’t You.

And then nip over to Gather Round Children and fill your boots with the full set of goodies.

Also – you really should have a peep at Funky 16 Corners recent post
Doing The Banana Split. (Yes – as in that show)

It’s a spectacular slice of Saturday morning soul – but the brain jolting thing is it’s written by Barry White!!!! (Yes – as in that ‘Walrus of Love’)

‘Are We Really 65 In The Charts ?’

Posted in 1977, anniversary, Punk, Questions and Answers, rock, The Damned on October 21, 2007 by planetmondo

It was 31 years ago today that The Damned released ‘New Rose’

Written by Brian James, a first class chap who was good enough to give up some of his Sunday to speak to me about the history of ‘New Rose’.

“I’d had part of the song for a while, and even been jamming it with my earlier band Bastard, who were into The MC5, The Stooges and The Pretty Things, but it was when I played the riff with Rat(Scabies) – who drummed like no one else I’d ever played with, that the energy of Rat’s drumming and his style fitted the riff so well that the song came together and was created out of that moment

Jake (Riveria) signed us after seeing the Damned at Mont De Marsan, on the strength of ‘New Rose’ and saw it as a single straight away even though Captain (Sensible) wanted ‘I Fall’ as the first single. There’s no demo’s for it we didn’t really bother with things like it we just went straight in the studio and recorded it.”

Is there a real life Rose? “No, it’s not about a girl, it’s really about what was happening at that time the speed and the energy of the movement – The Damned were always about the energy.”

We also covered all sorts of other areas during our chat – guitars, previous bands, current gigs, and future projects all of which I’ll be logging in the blog soon.

Certainly I see New Rose as one of the most important singles ever released, and being equal to anything Elvis , The Beatles or the Sex Pistols ever unleashed.

I love the Pistols and their two fisted filth and fury (even though they booted the The Damned off of the Anarchy tour). But New Rose snapshots the mood, the moment and the DIY ethic of early London/Brit punk more authentically than anything else from this explosive era.

Crash! Go the drums. Thrash! Goes the guitar. Rev up the riffing and they’re off like Bash Street brats out of hell and God help anyone who gets in the way. The Damned ram raided the UK charts by releasing the first punk single and album and even appeared at the first Punk Festival in Mont de Marsan (attended by a pre Joy Division Ian Curtis, and held a month before the 100 Club Punk Festival). But it was the impact of New Rose, and The Damned being the first UK Punk band to tour America that sent a Punk rocket to the epicenter of the States causing a sonic bang so explosive that the fallout is still being felt today.

The Sonics, The MC5, Iggy and The Ramones may have already been grinding out garage anthems and had some success in their home towns – but none of them raised more than a blip on the ‘punk-o-meter’ across the States. The Damned blew the bastard thing to smoke and shrapnel.

Consider this – what speed do the first wave of US Punk bands – The Dead Kennedys, The Dickies, Bad Brains or Black Flag – play at, Damned or Pistols tempo? From here you go to Hardcore to Thrash Metal to Metallica to Guns N Roses(who covered New Rose) and Nirvana (who ripped off Life Goes On for ‘Come As You Are’). Not all this may be your type of tune, and not all of it’s my type of tune, but it’s undeniable that it all leads back to the Damned and New Rose.

“I thought the Damned caught the true spirit of Punk, as understood by Punks, better than their rivals. They devoted less time to striking attitudes & never forgot, as many historians have that Punk could be quite funny as well as exciting.” John Peel – 29/05/02

New Rose – Peel Session
Recorded 30/11/76 and broadcast 10/12/76

Help – The B Side of New Rose

Brian is currently remixing The Lords Of The New Church back catalogue at Abbey Road (more on this soon). And will be playing the 100 Club on 31/11/07 with Lords Of The New Church for a Halloween Night Special – only 350 tickets are available for this special event so grab them while you can.

Recommended Reading
The Offical Brian James site
Brian James Gang myspace site
The Official Damned Site
One Way love – The Number One Damned fan site
Lords Of The New Church fan site

A special thank you goes to Brian James for his insights into New Rose, Punk and all things Damned, and also for allowing the use of Mp3’s in this posting

Funky Friday – Something Old – Something New

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Blogbuster – The Rocking Horror Show

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I’ve been checking out the daily Halloween countdown over at armagideon time and it’s such a black diamond that I’m logging it in the blog

Bitter Andrew has created a Harvest Festival of horror and song, a creepshow autumnal advent calendar, a medley of mad, musical and macabre motif’s…
*goes on like this for several hours*

Each post is a pumpkin size peach packed with tip top tracks and clips from cult comics with a spin that will leave you grinning like a gargoyle and downloading like a demon – it’s all treat’s no trick’s so get on over and fill your cyberspace boot’s with the some of these grab bag goodies;

Bowie, New York Dolls, Flesh For Lulu, Goldfrapp, Air, PIL,

And in a similar vein why not treat yourself to….

The Bollock Brothers – Horror Movies