Holy Beatlemania Pt. 2 – I Read The Word today….

I’m not normally one to blow my own bugle as;

A – I don’t own any tootle type instruments.

B – There aren’t many occasions when I feel flushed enough to fire up a fanfare.

But today is different – I’m in this month’s edition of The Word!! (Issue 57 – Springsteen on the cover) And am so buzzing I could break out the sweet sherry and spam baps.

I did a piece of cyberspace scrapbooking last month about Batman issue 222, which is based around The Beatles ‘Paul is dead’ myth. This has ended up(re written to 240 words by me) in The Word, and if that’s not batty enough I’m on the letter’s page. Twice!!

I’m probably more amazed than anyone as I haven’t written anything longer than a shopping list since leaving school.

The original bat blog looks like this and the updated piece is on page 27 of The Word 57 which looks like this.

So support your local newsagent and The Word team by grabbing yourself a copy.

And why not treat yourself to this dynamic duo from the Batcavern.

The Who – Batman

Go Home Productions -Paperback Believer

PS – The Batman/Beatles story has even made the cover (behind the CD). I’ll shut up now.


7 Responses to “Holy Beatlemania Pt. 2 – I Read The Word today….”

  1. you clever little tyke. i can’t quite bring myself to buy the word just yet cos it makes me too homesick – the office was at the end of my road and i miss my road desperately. maybe i’ll make an exception just this once

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks Ally, Go on – treat yourself.

    From what I’ve heard on the podcasts (backgound noise outside the window). It sounds a bit lively round there, like Sesame Street or Festive Avenue where Mr Benn used to live.

  3. If only Mr Striking Postie had yet delivered my ‘priority subscription copy'(sic)…

  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    I haven’t had mine yet either, it’s probably in a recycling bin to help clear the backlog – but did have to buy a couple of couple of extra copies (Mum of Mondo)etc…

  5. Top work fella! i found some cash down the back of the sofa so i’m off to grab a copy…. oh and the who batman track is cool, but the jams version on in the city is genius .. go there and hold onto your ears boy!

  6. Planet Mondo Says:

    Will check it out – There was a noisy goth band b side version in the 80’s too that was banging – but can’t remember who did it

  7. The Mystery Tent Says:

    Good work planet mondo I have now got a blog go check it, cheers The Mystery Tent

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