Blogbuster – The Rocking Horror Show

I’ve been checking out the daily Halloween countdown over at armagideon time and it’s such a black diamond that I’m logging it in the blog

Bitter Andrew has created a Harvest Festival of horror and song, a creepshow autumnal advent calendar, a medley of mad, musical and macabre motif’s…
*goes on like this for several hours*

Each post is a pumpkin size peach packed with tip top tracks and clips from cult comics with a spin that will leave you grinning like a gargoyle and downloading like a demon – it’s all treat’s no trick’s so get on over and fill your cyberspace boot’s with the some of these grab bag goodies;

Bowie, New York Dolls, Flesh For Lulu, Goldfrapp, Air, PIL,

And in a similar vein why not treat yourself to….

The Bollock Brothers – Horror Movies


One Response to “Blogbuster – The Rocking Horror Show”

  1. bitterandrew Says:

    Aww, thanks. You’ve made me blush.

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