The End Of The World From The Worlds End


7 Responses to “The End Of The World From The Worlds End”

  1. Axe Victim Says:

    Another one of your little gems my dear Mondo. Won’t be long before we’ll all be having to pay for the privvy of reading your work me thinks…

  2. marmiteboy Says:

    Most excellent mate. You kept that one under yer hat.

  3. Planet Mondo Says:

    Glad you enjoyed it- just managed to make a couple of lucky connections lately

    There’s more ol bollo’s here too

  4. it was a funny time to be 13 sure enough – i was horridly torn between off the wall and inflammable material but somehow always thought the pistols were too rock n roll. it took pil for me to really take to lydon and i went backwards to the pistols from there.
    fabulous stuff mondoboy

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks Ally the Pistols were the foundation of almost everything for me as young teeny, and shaped the way I looked at so many things.(you can read all about it here)

    PIL did some great stuff my fave being ‘Album’. Time Zone – World Destruction is winner spin off too.

  6. P Mondo – what a treat!

    Took me ages to wade through that lot! Great interview, and your review of NMTB is fab (it is also my all time fave album) – amazing how music can shape and change your life.

    It’s a shame the big campaign to get God Save the Queen to No.1 didn’t work, but i’ve grumbled about this enough over at my gaff

    Nice work fella!


  7. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks P – I had a call from Simone today – she’s really pleased with it, which is top news.
    She was speaking to Shanne Bradley about one of the questions ‘Satellite’ and it turns out Shanne and Rotten were an item for a while after all. updated this post with the news.

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