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Funky Friday – Hitsville U.S.A

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Every Friday is Funky Friday on Planet Mondo and this week brings you two youtube alternative takes on Tamla tunes, and three tracks that breakdown the mechanics of Motown classics.

Funk Brothers band leader Joe Hunter on the start of the Motown Sound

There can be an element of sniffery towards Motown from some Soul and Funk purists – the production line production, the radio friendly Funk arrangements (I feel the same about Trojan Reggae – it’s good but the high frequencies and searing strings are a sweetened and diluted version of Studio One), but one of the first albums I owned when I started moving away from stand alone singles to the joined up listening of LP’s was ‘The Big Wheels of Motown’, so I’ll always have a soft spot for Motown.

The template, foundation and roots of Northern Soul can be traced back to the Motor City sound and in particular The Supremes ‘Love is Like An Itching in My Heart’ – Larry over at Funk 16 Corners does a great piece on this theory here.

First up is a Tamla team up with The Supremes and The Temptations vamping like crazy on a franticly funky ‘I’m Losing You’ – the Rod and the Faces Rock and Soul rework is also well worth a peep here.

This trio of treats are instrumentals of Motown classics and have deliberate drop outs and isolated instrumental breaks which give a peep at the engine, mechanics and component parts of the Motor City sound.

I Was Made To Love Her -instrumental

For Once In My Life -instrumental

I Can’t Help Myself – Piano Version

There’s an unreleased Motown nugget on a previous post here

And finally If you do happen to be in the sunny Southend (Leigh on Sea)area tonight, why not pop along to Weird Fantasy where Paul Sigg’s, Agent Cooper and possibly even me may be spinning a few of these winners.


dennishopperchoppers – The Midnight Rider

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I was on the browse recently at my nearby Rough Trade East nosying for new nuggets – but digging through the racks soon got swift shrift when a seismic swell of rumbling sound spread through the shop from the stage area. Expecting to find a four piece gang going flat out at full volume I was almost dropped on the spot to see a solo performer sat on a delicously vintage Fender amp strumming ghostly notes and crooning moonlight mantras about Fu Manchu and red brides while taking care of business on percussion and bass at the same time. This was dennishopperchoppers playing songs from his album ‘Chop’ – I had discovered my new nugget.

Imagine Sergio Leone remaking El Topo on motorbikes with a soundtrack by Link Wray, Ennio Morricone and Johnny Cash – that is the sound of ‘Chop’. Hypnotic, cinematic and with a voice as rich and resonant as the chimes of a church bell at midnight ‘Chop’ is full of melancholy confidence, lonely moonlit drives, and Death Row confessions.

‘Listening to MC5’ is a waltz in black, ‘I Was Born’ swaggers like a ghost town showdown and ‘The Ballad of Fu Manchu and the Red Bride’ is Venus in black furs singing songs to the siren.

There was a thread recently on the The Word site
“We just want one record that you came across this year that you have really grown to like and you suspect that hardly anybody else has heard” there was no doubt for me X marks the spot for the buried treasue that is dennishopperchoppers and ‘Chop’.

dennishopperchoppers – ‘The Ballad Of Fu Manchu and The Red Bride’

Dennishopperchoppers – ‘If I Lied’

Check out the DHC sites for album details and gig dates.
dennishopperchoppers – myspace

Funky Friday – Top Of The Pops

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Every Friday is Funky Friday on Planet Mondo and this Friday continues the week’s theme of glam a go-go with a classic title sequence from a vintage episode of Top Of The Pops, sauce and scatter cushions from Pan’s People and two TOTP related downloads.

Every one of the graphics for the top 30 numbers in the opening title sequence would make a tip top T shirt design – just picture any of them on a ringer T shirt. Once the titles are over and Tony Blackburn appears I would recommend hitting the pause button, putting the hand brake on and shimmying down to Pan’s People – (not ‘cos it’s Tony) but because the clip continues with a chart run down set to Ringo Starr’s ‘Photograph’ and an Alvin Stardust appearance neither of which are really five star Funky Friday fodder.

Not the CCS version of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ that appeared in the TOTP titles, but an equally funky refit of the Led Zep’thumper by King Curtis.

King curtis – Whole Lotta Love

Led Zeppelin were always terrors for a bit of light fingered ‘Poplifting’, and they’ve borrowed so heavily from ‘You Need Loving’ that Robert Plant has almost cloned Steve Marriot’s performance.

Small Faces – You Need Loving

B Side Babies Pt 2 – Roxy Music – Angel Eyes (original version)

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1977 may have been the year the world turned dayglo – but 1978 was the year the world went Disco – Rod stewart, the Rolling Stones and Blondie all got caught with a dose of the Disco fever. Bowie, as always had been years ahead of his peers and got the funk out of his system with Young Americans.

Uncharacteristically when Roxy Music released Manifesto in 1979 they seem to have been caught on the back foot rather than the good foot with the let’s go Disco phonomenon and gave the movement a complete swerve on their album of the moment. The version of Angel Eyes on the early pressings Of Manifesto is an almost textbook Roxy rocker that maintains a cool cocktail gloss while giving a nod to the New Wave movement. All Sax, drums and Rock n Roll it’s a world apart from the commercially successful and commonly available Angel Eyes rework which is all high hats and handclaps, and seems to highlight that Disco had almost as much punch as Punk.

Roxy Music – Angel Eyes(original version)

As bonus I’m also including a rare remix of Virginia Plain – the Headman EDT remix made for a rewired and remixed Roxy project which never materialised and has never been commercially released

Roxy Music – Virgina Plain (Headman Remix)

If you’re in the mood for even more Roxy why not have a peep at my review of the Roxy Music debut album here

The Wolfmen Go Wild After Dark

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“Aaaaaooooowwww” that’s me last Wednesday after being left bitten and buzzing by The Wolfmen.

Formed by Marco Pirroni (guitarist and co-writer in Adam’s Ants ) and Chris Constantinou (bass playing ex Ant) I caught them strutting like roosters, and stomping like champs live and unleashed at the Islington Academy last week. Opening with a thundering cover of Eno’s ‘Needle in The Camel’s Eye’ The Wolfmen tore the place up with a snarling, snapping set of their own two fisted tunes and GlamGaragePunk all fired out with the vibe of vintage Roxy Music, and spirit of Johnny Thunders and Marc Bolan jamming down at Devil Gate Drive.

The Wolfmen’s songs Cecile, Jackie Says, While London Sleeps are all hugely infectious (spin them up below) and highlight why Adam Ant went from being the King of Indie clang with ‘Dirk’ to King of The Wild Frontier and the Prince Charming of Pop after hooking up with Marco as a songwriter. But there’s more to this Wolf pack than tattooed knuckled sugar Pop Punk , Two Eyes is all space age breakbeats and Bhangra anthems wrapped in screaming guitars, flutes and sitars with a lead vocal from Daler Mehndi (Daler was unable to make the gig unfortunately, having being detained for something dodgy) but the celebrity credit rating was still high with endorsement from gig attendees Pete Shelley,Simone Stenfors, and Radio One’s Bobby Friction all going wild for the Wolfmen.

If you like Rock that sparkles and Pop that wallops watch out for The Wolfmen in case they’re prowling and preening near you soon.

Get your teeth into these Rollerball rockers

The Wolfmen – Cecile

The Wolfmen – Jackie Says

Then check out The Wolfmen sites for dates and details of gigs and releases
The wolfmen – Myspace site
The wolfmen – official site

Funky Friday – Shake, Rattle and Soul

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Every Friday is Funky Friday on Planet Mondo and to tie in with this week’s theme of hidden nuggets and covers I’ve loaded up a couple of obscure Youtube treats and two Rock ‘n’ Soul covers from Wilson Pickett and Solomon Burke.

Arthur Conley is probably best known for ‘Sweet Soul Music’, but this is Art’s shakedown of ‘Shake Rattle and Roll’.

Arthur Conley Jr – Shake, Rattle, Roll

Who is Roger Martin? Why isn’t he a superstar? Why is ‘They Say’ a secret stomper and not a soul standard? And where can I get hold of this track?

Roger Martin – They Say

I do know the backing musicians are Freddie Kingand his band though.

Finally two funky takes on sixties rebel rock classics
(click on the links to download and divshare to preview)

Wilson Pickett – ‘Maggie’s Farm’

Solomon Burke – ‘Born To Be Wild’

B side babies Pt. 1 – Kelly watch the stars (Moog Cookbook remix)

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