Let’s go bongo – ‘A Psychedelic Trip To Outer Bongolia’

I’ve been shaking my troos and stomping my shoes to this winner for the last week, (which hasn’t been off the Mondo Music Center since it’s first spin) and as much as I want to keep it a secret it’s just too funky to stay under my dude hat.

Try and imagine Roy Budd, Brian Auger and Billy Preston making a three way tag team jamming on ‘Rollerball’ riffs, groovy synthscapes, hard and heavy Hammond exotica with bongo’s a go-go. Well, in fact you don’t have to – The Bongolian’s rolled it all into a ready made Psychedelic space age bundle for you.

‘A Psychedelic Trip To Outer Bongolia’ could be the long lost soundtrack to a retro-futurist Sci Fi flick, full of Funky nuggets like ‘The Champion’ ‘Feel It’ and the anthemic ‘All Aboard’.

But don’t just take my word for what a sizzler it is – check out these two tunes.

Rock Me

All Aboard

And then beam over to these sites for all the dates, details and info.

The Bongolian – myspace
The Bongolian -Blow Up Records
Taste test the tracks at Juno

Spinning a winner at Cloudbase Mondo


3 Responses to “Let’s go bongo – ‘A Psychedelic Trip To Outer Bongolia’”

  1. proper mad craziness – smashing thankyou sunshine

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Glad you liked it the other Bongolian albums are well worth checking out too for more Mondo Bongo.

  3. bongoing mad, good stuff nice pad you’ve got their

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