B side babies Pt. 1 – Kelly watch the stars (Moog Cookbook remix)


7 Responses to “B side babies Pt. 1 – Kelly watch the stars (Moog Cookbook remix)”

  1. nice one again! is this a deliberate move to funk up grey november?

  2. Axe Victim Says:

    Mondo get funky y’all! Excellent. Keep up da funk.

  3. fantabulosa heartface – much as i adore all i need this is THE tune on that single – who woul’ve believed they were really so beardy and wierdy – fab vid
    i can’t believe i just said fab vid – punch me someone.

  4. This is very good isn’t it? I bet it’s in your ‘box’ and you’ll be ‘dropping’ it in your ‘set’.


  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks for all your comments, great to know its tickling your funky bone

    Ally – that’s not actually the moogers and shakers
    *winces again*
    themselves in the video, but would love to know what this vid is actually for.

    I have been known to ‘dig’ in my ‘crates’ ( a shoe box actually)to ‘spin’ this winner up at several shindigs

  6. marmiteboy Says:

    I first heard Neil play the Air track at some do at The Sun Rooms several years ago and have been looking for it since as it is such a stormer. I’ll have to try and dig it out from somewhere.

  7. Planet Mondo Says:

    You can pull it down for free here. Click on the purple link and that’s it. Bingo – all yours and on the freemans

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