Funky Friday – Shake, Rattle and Soul

Every Friday is Funky Friday on Planet Mondo and to tie in with this week’s theme of hidden nuggets and covers I’ve loaded up a couple of obscure Youtube treats and two Rock ‘n’ Soul covers from Wilson Pickett and Solomon Burke.

Arthur Conley is probably best known for ‘Sweet Soul Music’, but this is Art’s shakedown of ‘Shake Rattle and Roll’.

Arthur Conley Jr – Shake, Rattle, Roll

Who is Roger Martin? Why isn’t he a superstar? Why is ‘They Say’ a secret stomper and not a soul standard? And where can I get hold of this track?

Roger Martin – They Say

I do know the backing musicians are Freddie Kingand his band though.

Finally two funky takes on sixties rebel rock classics
(click on the links to download and divshare to preview)

Wilson Pickett – ‘Maggie’s Farm’

Solomon Burke – ‘Born To Be Wild’


6 Responses to “Funky Friday – Shake, Rattle and Soul”

  1. Axe Victim Says:

    Friday’s wouldn’t be funky without Mondo!

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks AV there’s a definite spike in the stat’s on Fridays.

    I’ve got to find out who in the name of James Jamerson – Roger Martin is.

  3. Southern Fried of Glasgow Says:

    They Say was released on the Dot label, current book price for a mint copy is £50. It was credited to Rodge Martin. It looks like it was picked up by Bragg records, and a copy of that will set you back £20. It’s significantly slower but no less soulful than this clip.

    Happy hunting!

  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    Southern Fried – Thanks for the info.

    Explains why I couldn’t find anything under Roger Martin – I googled Rodge Martin
    and found this on Funky 16 Corners

    And more here

    Apparently he died a year after making this appearance

  5. HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. Says:

    That Rodge Martin is GREAT!! Thanks so much!!

    Peace and SOUL,

  6. Hey Dude. It’s taken me a while to get over here for a catch up. Been off the blog boil for a while.

    Love that Arthur Conley version of Shake Rattle and Roll.

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