The Wolfmen Go Wild After Dark

“Aaaaaooooowwww” that’s me last Wednesday after being left bitten and buzzing by The Wolfmen.

Formed by Marco Pirroni (guitarist and co-writer in Adam’s Ants ) and Chris Constantinou (bass playing ex Ant) I caught them strutting like roosters, and stomping like champs live and unleashed at the Islington Academy last week. Opening with a thundering cover of Eno’s ‘Needle in The Camel’s Eye’ The Wolfmen tore the place up with a snarling, snapping set of their own two fisted tunes and GlamGaragePunk all fired out with the vibe of vintage Roxy Music, and spirit of Johnny Thunders and Marc Bolan jamming down at Devil Gate Drive.

The Wolfmen’s songs Cecile, Jackie Says, While London Sleeps are all hugely infectious (spin them up below) and highlight why Adam Ant went from being the King of Indie clang with ‘Dirk’ to King of The Wild Frontier and the Prince Charming of Pop after hooking up with Marco as a songwriter. But there’s more to this Wolf pack than tattooed knuckled sugar Pop Punk , Two Eyes is all space age breakbeats and Bhangra anthems wrapped in screaming guitars, flutes and sitars with a lead vocal from Daler Mehndi (Daler was unable to make the gig unfortunately, having being detained for something dodgy) but the celebrity credit rating was still high with endorsement from gig attendees Pete Shelley,Simone Stenfors, and Radio One’s Bobby Friction all going wild for the Wolfmen.

If you like Rock that sparkles and Pop that wallops watch out for The Wolfmen in case they’re prowling and preening near you soon.

Get your teeth into these Rollerball rockers

The Wolfmen – Cecile

The Wolfmen – Jackie Says

Then check out The Wolfmen sites for dates and details of gigs and releases
The wolfmen – Myspace site
The wolfmen – official site


3 Responses to “The Wolfmen Go Wild After Dark”

  1. Axey’s hooked. Hey what’s with Odeo? I’ve only just moved onto Divcrap. They seem all the same to me. I had the same trouble playing these Odeo clips as I do with Divrubbish. Anybody else know the difference?

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Well Divshare seemed to be so slow to load up I could see why it was named ‘div’ – Odeo is play only and meant to be faster – I’ve tried it and it seems agg’ free for me.

    If you fancy hearing more from the Wolfmen check out their myspace site – it’s got the mighty Two Eyes on there too.

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    Video link—

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