Funky Friday – Top Of The Pops

Every Friday is Funky Friday on Planet Mondo and this Friday continues the week’s theme of glam a go-go with a classic title sequence from a vintage episode of Top Of The Pops, sauce and scatter cushions from Pan’s People and two TOTP related downloads.

Every one of the graphics for the top 30 numbers in the opening title sequence would make a tip top T shirt design – just picture any of them on a ringer T shirt. Once the titles are over and Tony Blackburn appears I would recommend hitting the pause button, putting the hand brake on and shimmying down to Pan’s People – (not ‘cos it’s Tony) but because the clip continues with a chart run down set to Ringo Starr’s ‘Photograph’ and an Alvin Stardust appearance neither of which are really five star Funky Friday fodder.

Not the CCS version of ‘Whole Lotta Love’ that appeared in the TOTP titles, but an equally funky refit of the Led Zep’thumper by King Curtis.

King curtis – Whole Lotta Love

Led Zeppelin were always terrors for a bit of light fingered ‘Poplifting’, and they’ve borrowed so heavily from ‘You Need Loving’ that Robert Plant has almost cloned Steve Marriot’s performance.

Small Faces – You Need Loving


19 Responses to “Funky Friday – Top Of The Pops”

  1. Vincent the Soul Chef Says:

    Thanks for the King Curtis track!!! Now that’s power.

    For a minute there I thought those young ladies were dressed in Mother Natures finest… They sure shed some light on an otherwise “Black Friday”.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. high quality graphics indeed – superstar if i know my fonts.
    and youo can never go wrong with the small faces.

  3. Planet Mondo Says:

    Vince – There’s definitly a touch of the Britney about that routine.
    Glad it’s put a spring in your step.

    Ally – I must admit I wasn’t watching the font’s but now I’ve got an excuse to ‘review’ the clip again. Check out the Small Fakers If you get the chance – tip top tribute act.

  4. Five-Centres Says:

    Love this. I want a T-shirt with the number 16 on.

    But who is Michael Ward, in there at No.22? Some Opportunity Knocks winner or something?

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    FC – I’ll go for a number 21 T Shirt (Lightning) or 7(Kung Fu)

    Shows that Michael Ward with The Mike Sammes Singers got to No 15 (stars) with ‘Let There Be Peace On Earth (Let It Begin With Me)’ in September 1973.

    His wish was granted – and we haven’t heard a peep from him since.

  6. Axe Victim Says:

    Hmmm, Pan’s People, hmmmm, nice….
    donughts… drool…..

  7. I actually remember Michael Ward and he was, as FC correctly deduces, an ‘Opportunity Knocks’ winner. I know this because my parents had the ‘Opportunity Knocks All Winners’ LP. What joy. At least it had ‘Billy Don’t Be A Hero’ on it.

    That Pan’s People bit wouldn’t be allowed NOW at 7:30pm! God I miss the 70s…

    I shall be writing entirely in Superstar font from now on.

  8. Planet Mondo Says:

    AV – I’ll loading up more Pan’s People (and similar will) to your start ‘Turning Your Heartbeat’ as the goes – in my triple decker at the mo’

    Davy – That Album sounds a cracker, I’m sure i’ve seen it on the Charity Shop digs Along with World Of….Albums and Impact– Studio 2 stereo test albums

  9. good stuff as ever, The totp theme was genuinly exciting wasn’t it. I don’t suppose there’s any point defending Pan’s people on artistics grounds!

  10. Planet Mondo Says:

    BLTP – Thanks for that, there’s no excuse for ignoring fire regulations though. All those man made materials – near a naked flame – this could have been more explosive than expected for the wrong reasons.

  11. That naked flame represents the fire in my loin when watching the luvvly Pan’s Persons. Talk about virtual lap dance…

    Did you say there’s gonna be more ? Only if you could maybe sort out a weekly fix…?

    Dirty ol’ blogger.

  12. Sky Clearbrook Says:

    CCS’s version of Whole Lotta Love still sends shivers up my spine each time I hear it – it’s so closely linked with my early years on this planet that I think it’s part of my DNA.

    It used to frustrate the hell out of me the way they wouldn’t include the track names on the TOTP countdown during that era. It was also years before I realised that being No.1 was the best. I thought you had to aim to be No.30 because that was the highest number. Aaahhh… the innocence of childhood, eh?

  13. Sky Clearbrook Says:

    I also used to think that when the backing tracks faded at the end of a performance that it was just the band turning the volume down on their instruments and the drummer would just hit the drums ever-more softly until the sound was so faint you couldn’t hear it.

  14. Planet Mondo Says:

    56 – There’ plenty more goodies queued up but I’ll have to review them thoroughly first.

    SC Mrs M, used to think exactly the same thing about the charts.

    When I first started hearing songs on the radio, I always thought the band got up on stage and did a turn in the studio..

  15. HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. Says:

    Cheers for the Small Faces tune. Big fan and I never realised the connection to Led Zep. Marriot had one of the best SOUL voices ever. DIG It!!

    Peace and SOUL,

  16. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks HSBDB

    Another little know fact is that The chorus of Pretty Vacant is based on Wham, Bam Thank You Mam by The Small Faces.

    “The We’re so pretty – oh so pretty” chord sequence is based on the “She was a lady of charm” part of the song

    Glen Matlock explains it on the making of NMTB DVD

  17. …. and the theft of the anarchy riff from swedens greatest export…. mr mondo, its such a shame your posts dont seem to attract any readers …. đŸ˜‰ hehehe …. top work from the truly cool option

  18. need more pan’s people ….. please !!!!

  19. planet mondo Says:

    Oh there’ll plenty more next year, and a some routines from an troupe too.

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