Who are The Who Boys?

I’ve mentioned before that I’m a terror for bootleg remix ,(here ,
here and here), but as a mashup maniac it’s getting increasingly tricky to track down new booties. Luckily though via The Who Boys Myspace site I’ve found a goldmine of goodies to grab.

Like Santa The Who Boys have have got sackfuls of winners to dish out – Podcasts, videos, original tunes several albums worth of tip top booty remixes and all available for free download via their website www.whoboys.com, these are a small sample of the boys booty nuggets I’ve taste tested so far

London Crying

Is The Beatles ‘Cry Baby Cry’ riding on the back of ‘London Calling’

Return of the Dub Auctioneer

Sees Santana, The Doors and an anonymous auctioneer getting smashed, mashed and merged.

How Many Roads

Is described by The Who Boys as “Led Zep meet Canned Heat and go for toast in the garage”

Other tempting treats include…

AC/DC meets Duke of Earl,
Rolf Harris and Prince Buster,
John Cooper Clarke with grooves from Roy Budd and The Who Boys
The Beatles and Frankie Goes To Hollywood

The website is here, and the myspace site is here
Why not get on over and fill your boots for free.


2 Responses to “Who are The Who Boys?”

  1. Some quality b@stard remixes there PM, a mighty good find.

    Will be nipping over to the lads site to save them all rather sharpish.

    what ever happened to the ‘get your bootleg on’ site? one minute is was overflowing with goodies, then next it was dead! Just had a look a few minutes ago, last post 2006!

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    GYBO – was a great site – do you remember all that fuss on there when I was selling my homemade comp CDs of booty remixes on Ebay – ‘2 Many Remixes’. Caused a right ol’ stink.

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