Countdown to Christmas Pt 1 – Have Yourself a Punky Little Christmas

I’ve been off sick today, am feeling a bit grot’ and grog’ – so will be keeping it short and simple. Here’s a couple of Christmas crackers to kick off the Christmas countdown, and continue the Punk them from last Fridays posting.
PS -Why not have a peep at my other Christmas themed post here too

The Damned – There Ain’t no Sanity Clause.mp3

A snow storming Christmas anthem from The Damned, sleigh bells, “ho ho ho’s” , a verse about each member of the band, and a sing a long backing vocals with the phrase

Here comes uncle Nick
Let’s give him some stick

You’d never have got this from The Clash, but you would from the Sex Pistols (well, Cook and Jones anyway) who teamed up with Phil Lynott and Scott Gorham from Thin Lizzy formed The Greedies – short for Greedy Bastards and cracked out a festive fretfest called ‘A Merry Jingle’.

The Greedies – A Merry Jingle.mp3


5 Responses to “Countdown to Christmas Pt 1 – Have Yourself a Punky Little Christmas”

  1. Oh lordy it’s only a couple of weeks away. I can feel my strength sapping already…

    Great post though mate, despite being grot n’ grog!

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Two weeks today AV – you better got on the shopping sharpish.

    I’ll have plenty more festive frolics to come soon and possibly a mondo merry mixmas if I can sort it in time

  3. i’d forgotten all about the greedies – what a bloomin’ row

  4. I’m a bit partial to Cook & Jones in the Professionals too. A couple of great singles.
    I’ve got a copy of the Sniveling Shits doing Sanity Claus from ’79 knocking around somewhere too.

    Xmas punk? The Yobs (Boys) rings a jingle bell in my jaded memory bank somewhere.

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    The Greedies will be back soon with even more rock n racket.

    Good to see you on Planet Mondo The Professionals album is a winner – the CD re – release includes a great version of White Light/White Heat.

    For more panto Punk, Stiff Little Fingers did a live version of ‘White Christmas’, on the B side of ‘At The Edge’and The Exploited used Jingle Bells for a about track Mods might’ve been called ‘Hug a Mod’ (or something similar)

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