See You Next Tuesday

Well boys and girls, bloggers and bloggettes that’s it from me for 2007,I’m all cozied up for Christmas and am blogging off until the New Year.

A big thank you is due to anyone who’s popped by, posted a comment or taken part in any of the ol’ puffery going on here. So have yourselves a swinging Christmas and rocking new year and I’ll leave you with

A Christmas message from Marc Bolan

This little known nugget from Frank and Bing

We Wish You The Merriest.MP3

And this internet treat – A winner if you’ve got little’uns

NORAD Tracks Santa
NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense)have been ‘tracking’ Santa for 50 years, and now live updates are available the web, vi sat nav and Santa cam’s – there’s even a manned hotline you can call for an ETA on Santa’s arrival in your own home town

So over and out and see you in 2008


4 Responses to “See You Next Tuesday”

  1. Yuletide cheer to you and yours Master Mondo and here’s to more funk ‘n’ frolics in 2008 – Dx

  2. finding the filth Says:

    hope you’ve had a great holiday! all the best in ’08!

  3. Further on up the road Says:

    Happy New Year.

  4. Hope you had a blast PM (although I don’t recall any requests for a full week off!)

    Happy New Year matey


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