Funky Friday – New Wave Nuggets

This week on Funky Friday it’s a couple of cheeky New Wave dance routines and two punky based booty remixes.First up ..

Hot Gossip – The Hardest Part

Hot Gossip were always cheeky, funky and futuristic but their romps and routines never quite captured the swish, sparkle or understated ‘oomph’ of Pan’s People.’The Hardest Part’ was a low level hit in the U.S for Blondie – the original vid’ with Debbie Harry strutting like a dark haired dominatrix
is here

Hot Gossip – ‘All stood still’

‘All Stood Still’ is probably the only Ultravox track that’s not too jarring to these ears. The ‘Goss’s video is painfully 80’s( but loaded with some spectacular leg actions) and seems to filmed in the sort of club that would fire up the ‘dry ice’ and ‘laser display’ at 10:30 of an evening.

Go Home Productions/Mark Vidler is the Big Boss of bootleg remixes’, these two Punk/New Wave ‘bastard pop’ pieces are a couple of his obscure but outstanding tasty treats that really should have been huge international hits.

XTC – ‘Making Plans For Nigel’ and Tweet – ‘Oops (Oh My)’ get bunged in the blender for..
Making Plans For Vinyl.mp3

And the Sex Pistols ‘No Feelings’ and Cher’s ‘Believe’ get refitted and recycled as …
No Fun 4 Cher.mp3


3 Responses to “Funky Friday – New Wave Nuggets”

  1. Some of these do remind me a little bit of Ali G and Travis…

  2. Cushty.

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