Silvery Sparklers

Hurrah for Silvery. I first picked up on them over at Pileys place (he’s got a tip top Pickwick/Top of the Pops records feature running at the moment too).

Silvery are everything you hope for in a new band. They’re young. They like people I like – Bowie, Sparks, XTC. They’ve got smart jackets and even smarter tunes with all the clang and spangle you could want and they’re playing this Saturday at Blow Up Metro on a double bill with The Bongolian (one of my fave albums of last year). I’ll certainly be there raising a glass and shaking a leg. But until then have a peep at their new single ‘Horrors’, released as a double A side with ‘Orders’ – it’s my single of the year already, and we’re not even out of January yet.

Silvery – Horrors

Silvery – Orders(Demo)

PS – If you’re at the Silvery/Bongolian gig and see a chap in polka dot cravat – do come and say hello. It’ll be me.


5 Responses to “Silvery Sparklers”

  1. TOR Hershman Says:

    Most groovin’ number.

  2. I think Silvery can do great things in 2008 – it’s a fresh exciting sound they have.

    I was lucky enough to interview James from Silvery late last year, a great talker who really knows his music history. Check it out here if you fancy a look:

  3. Planet Mondo Says:

    They’re meant to be tip top live act too. So should be a good show.

  4. Cocktails Says:

    Bloody hell, that’s good!

  5. Peter - KBD Records Says:

    Fuck, I really WANT to like this band. They look cool the video is amazing. But there’s something missing. I loved The Futureheads that was kind of a great mix between early Adam & The Antz and XTC BUT with a great knack for not falling into the trap of just rehashing the past. Silvery are talented. I hear that but their music just passes me by. Even now just a minute later I can’t remember their songs. With that said I will keep an eye out for them.

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