Electric Blue

Of course Valentine’s day is all about celebrating smoochy, smoochy kissy kissyness with some swoony tunes. But, what about the cheeky,sneaky,slinky moments of fun and tumbles too…

Here’s a twenty minute minimix of saucy Romp ‘n’ Roll especially for clinks and clinches on Valentine’s Day.

Agent Provocateur – Chinese Girl
Mylo – Muscle Car
Ethan -In My Heart(instrumental edit)
The “O” Medley / Silverscreen Shower Scene – (Soulwax Mix)
Felix Da Housecat – Choochie Coo
Mount Sims – Good Service
Peaches – I U She

Electric Blue – Mondo Minimix.mp3

L’il Louis – French Kiss.mp3

If you fancy something less full and fruity, why not pop on over to Channel Mondo where the mood is more Pepe Le Pew


2 Responses to “Electric Blue”

  1. steady on mr mondo!! … make sure the window cleaners not due eh??

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Todays slow moving hangover seems to have put the handbrake on my frisky tizz.

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