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Another Green World

Posted in back soonish... on March 29, 2008 by planetmondo

I’m off to the country for a week – just round the corner from this place. But while I’m away…

If you fancy a read…
Blogging really doesn’t get much better than this

If you fancy listen…
Why not pick and mix from these rocking
pop nuggets and rare soul sweeties

If you fancy a watch…
The internet was invented for scraps like this

PS – suggested soundtracks for my trip are here if you fancy a nosey.


Funky Friday – Aciiiiiiiiid Jazz

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Can you believe it’s over 20 years since Acid Jazz first dropped into circulation with its juicy loose grooves and scrapbook look of Carnaby Street chic, Caine flick cool and bohemian beards? Aside from AJ’s Anglomania retro referencing (beating Britpop to similar source material by several years) musically Acid Jazz seems to be a composite of these three elements ..

Early Santana – Latin shuffles with squealy and/or wah guitar

Jaco Pastorious – all Acid Jazz bass cadets had red hot handskills.

Robin’s Nest theme tune – a riff that Jamiroquai’s been riding and rewriting for his entire career.(Out of all the Acid Jazzers – why is HE the only one that’s endured? )

So what acid drops are we taste testing today?

Corduroy – (formerly known as those moonage mods – Boys Wonder more on that here) laying down some skinny trousered split screen funk – there really is some great editing on the ‘E Type’ vid. I’ve spotted ‘Blow Up’ and ‘Hawaii Five O’ – but I’m sure there’s more

Corduroy – Skirt Alert

Corduroy – E Type

Mother Earth
– headed up by Matt Deighton (Santana influence) and their ‘can’t believe it wasn’t a monster hit’ piece of perfect pop- ‘Jesse’. Mother Earth’s album ‘People Tree’ features Weller as a backing vocalist on ‘Mr Freedom’ which acted as the perfect framing device for Weller’s first (acid style) solo album and Modfather revival. Deigton later stood in for Noel Gallagher at the occasional Oasis gig.

Mother Earth – Jesse

The New Jersy Kings – (Robin’s Nest and Jaco influence) The James Taylor Quartet had been riffing on spy high soul for sometime, before bizarrely going into hiding as space age funkateers The New Jersey Kings when Acid Jazz kicked in.
New Jersy Kings – Dreamwaves

If you’re in the mood for more contempory Acid Jazz style sounds check out The Bongolian , who keeps his synthy sizzlers spiked with an acid flavouring..

Re-make/Re-model Pt. 3 Corduroy – Motorhead

Posted in acid jazz, Cover Versions, Funk, Remake Remodel, yarbles on March 26, 2008 by planetmondo

Corduroy should’ve been huge. Their Acid Jazz jamboree bag of athletic jams and frug outs , easy breezy free flowing instrumentals set dressed in sixties cinematics and Cool Britannia cultural references (‘How To Steal The World’, ‘Harry Palmer’, ‘Mini’ ) and confident otherworldy trendiness of retro style, French Crops and neat, nifty trousers pre empted the mid nineties Brit Pop/Easy Listening revival by at least five years in one funky bundle.

Corduroy – ‘Motorhead’

In a previous life as Boys Wonder they’d been pedalling pop art cartoon tunes two years ahead of Carter USM, The Wonder Stuff, Betty Boo and Deee-lite with mighty titles like ‘Take Me To Your Leader’, ‘All Because The Lady Loves’ and must have T shirts like these…

Ian TB has an ‘all you need to know’ feature on Boys Wonder and their single ‘Now What Earthman’ here.

To see Boys Wonder in action vamping their anthem ‘ Shine On Me’ on Saturday Night Live click here..

But, getting back to Corduroy – think of it as a warm up for this weeks Funky Friday

Fufu Stew Goes Mondo

Posted in 80's, glam, guest blogger, mixes, new wave, Punk on March 20, 2008 by planetmondo

There’s no Funky Friday this week, it being Easter weekend – but instead there’s a bumper Bank Holiday special.

Vince the Soul Chef who dishes up those sizzling mixes and spectacular singles on Fufu Stew, has beamed across the Atlantic to cook up a mix of punk, electro and new wave nuggets that is the soundtrack to scouring Smash Hits and NME for new releases, home made tapes (on ‘compact cassettes‘), late night listens to Radio Luxembourg and John Peel, picture sleeves, 12 inch singles, button badges and trips to the Great Gear Market (or similar) for togs like these. So over to Vince……

Hello, kiddies.

It is my pleasure to be here on Planet Mondo for this special post. Most of you may know me for my many and varied mixes of Funk and Soul music, but let me assure you that that is only the half of it. When I was a teenager, I was one of the millions who saw the birth of MTV. Back then it was inconceivable to think that the music video would influence me, much less having a lasting effect on my musical education. Some twenty five years later I look at my closet full of LPs and I am reminded of just how much influence it truly had…

I can vividly recall that fateful day in August of 1981 when the infamous rocket first took off. It couldn’t have happened at a better time too because I was serving a very severe punishment for getting caught doing something quite stupid. Imagine having all of your records and tapes taken away for eight months! Well, it happened to me. Luckily I was still able to watch television so I made sure to keep my eyes glued to the set waiting for my favourite videos to come on. While I waited, I discovered a totally new genre of music that would find its way into my heart and most important, into my record collection subsequently replacing the R&B of the day that I normally played. It also helped that I could go to my local public library and dig even deeper into this new sound. From Glam to New Wave and New Romantic all the way to full blown Goth, here is just a small sample of some of that music and what it means to me personally.

01 Capitol Radio-The Clash (NU-Disk).
Taken from the original 10″ LP “Black Market Clash”, and lyrically a very important statement that should be adopted by practically every blogger.
02 Friends-TheTubeway Army (Beggars Banquet).
My first introduction to the minimalist vision of Gary Numan was obviously enough the hit single “Cars” until I heard the debut recording from 1978… WOW!
03 Judas Sheep-Hunters And Collectors (Virgin). I found this one digging through dollar bins one day. Being from the US, it was a novelty to have British imports in my collection so I gave it a try. What a brutal assault on my brain, complete with the funky wah wah pedal. More of that to come…
04 Metal-Gary Numan (Beggars Banquet).
Here is the flip side of the US pressing of the “Cars” 45, which I tend to dig a lot more than the A side.
05 Saturday Week-Katrina And The Waves (Aftermath).
Here’s another dollar bin find that pretty much sat dormant in my crates until now. Of course I know their signature hit “Walking On Sunshine”, but curiosity got the better of me. I had to pick a cut from this 1982 release just to see if it worked.
06 Big Shot-The Beat (Fame).
I don’t mind a good dose of British Ska once in a while, and this tune certainly fed the need along with the next tune…
07 Nightboat To Cairo-Madness (Stiff).
MTV played lots (and LOTS) of Madness back in the day.
08 Belief-The Danse Society (Society).
Here’s one that I didn’t discover until years later when I was babysitting records for a friend during my heavy Gothic period. Another tune that made me go WOW!
09 Malpaso Man-Visage (Polydor).
And another classic MTV moment featuring the talents of John McGeoch, who in my opinion was the best of the many guitarists to play for Siouxsie & the Banshees.
10 Press Darlings-Adam And The Ants (CBS).
Mr. Mondo was pleased that I chose this tune to play. Kings of the Wild Frontier in my opinion is THE quintessential New Wave album.
11 Baby Oh No-Bow Wow Wow (RCA).
Yet another classic MTV moment. Being 14 at the time made it easy to have it bad for the very provocative Anabelle. Those of you who are around my age would certainly have to agree.
12 Armalite Rifle-Gang Of Four (Warner).
From the infamous Yellow EP, enough said.
13 Anti Pope-The Damned (Chiswick).
No need to say anything here…
14 Assassination K – Kanserous-The Wolfgang Press (4AD).
There was a time when 4AD could do no wrong. Even if the music was terrible, I still put my hard earned money on the counter, sometimes paying up to 30 bucks for a CD. This one is the remix from the “Bird Wood Cage” LP. Dig that funky wah wah once again!
15 Supernatural Thing-Siouxsie & The Banshees (Polydor).
Here’s another one from that huge pile of records I got to babysit. Of all the tunes that Siouxsie covered over her illustrious career, this one was the most unlikely along with being the funkiest.
16 Telegram Sam-T. Rex (EMI) .
It’s a known fact that Glam heavily influenced Goth. Being a huge Bauhaus fan, I loved the way they treated this one. When I found the original at long last, I was quite happy with myself.
17 It’s Going To Happen-The Undertones (EMI).
MTV even had the video for this tune…
18 Madness-The Belle Stars (Stiff).
I discovered this band during a bout of insomnia one night. Suffice it to say when I saw all those hot women freaking that New Wave funk, I had to rush right out and find a record. This is the B side of the US 12″ for “Sign Of The Times”. I wonder whatever happened to them.
19 Chicken Outlaw-Wide Boy Awake (RCA).
Does anyone know anything about this band? All I can tell you is that I picked up the record in a dollar bin over 25 years ago because it looked New Wave…
20 Chant No. 1 (I Don’t Need This Pressure On)-Spandau Ballet (Chrysalis).
Another classic MTV moment, and quite frankly the first song of its kind that led me to realise that Funk can be found in the most unlikely of places.
21 Resurrection Joe-The Cult (Beggars Banquet).
I close with this tune from the proverbial turning point of this band’s career, between the brilliant yet sadly out of print debut and their slow descent into crossover oblivion.

Please download and enjoy Fufu Stew Goes MONDO!

Fufu Stew Goes Mondo – 71 MB mp3 file
Fufu Stew Goes Mondo – 70 MB zip file

Thank you Mr. Mondo for giving me an outlet to share some of these treasures that I was afraid to share on my own blog. Not that I dig the tunes any less than my funk and soul 45s, but there’s a time and place for everything. I would love to come back soon and do it again because I have many more tunes just waiting to get the patented Fufu Stew treatment. Here’s hoping that you all enjoyed this little stroll down memory lane with me. As my British blogging colleagues would say, all the best!

Peace and blessings.

Baltic Fleet – Clout Rock

Posted in baltic fleet, electronic music, new music on March 17, 2008 by planetmondo

My actual copy of Baltic Fleet’s album ‘Baltic Fleet’

I went to see The Bongolian at Blow Up Metro a few weeks back, first on the bill were Baltic Fleet whose set was as explosive as bare knuckle battling robots – since then I’ve heard them on Steve Lamaq, been checking out their (Myspace site ) and ….have even gone and got a copy of the album.

Imagine the demolition duo of Peter Hook on bass and John Bonham on drums dropping in occasionally to add their robust rhythms to the crystal synthscapes and fat anaglogue wallop of Boards of Canada. Almost impossible to pin down, but where ‘Christiane F’ imagery, Eno’s ‘Begegnungen’ period,the sound of collapsing icebergs and the words Saw-tooth, ringmodulatorand oscillation all overlap on a Venn diagram is the place that Baltic Fleet inhabit with their nu wave for the space age…

Baltic Fleet – 3 Dollar Dress

Baltic Fleet – Castellon Theme

Silvery were second on the bill that night, whose higgldy piggldy Victorania arcade anthems and ‘I was Lord Kitchener’s Valet’ outfits you can see here – the single ‘Horrors’ is out now. It looks like this .

My actual copy of the Silvery single ‘Horrors’

Be sure to check back on Thursday for a ‘ Fu Fu Stew goes Mondo’ mix – Where Vince the Soul Chef from Fu Fu Stew has prepared a 70 minute mix of New Wave nuggets, Electro anthems and early eighties treats. It really is something quite special…

Funky Friday – Before They Were Famous

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It’s a Mod Mod Mod world on Funky Friday this week, and a celebration of the first steps of all things swishy, swinging and sixties…In the red Mini – there’s a fistful of early doors appearances from proto popsters performing soul stompers here on Planet Mondo

In the white Mini – ‘Cool Britannia’ a bespoke ‘Funky Mod Mix’ – 45 minutes of 45s, rarities, obscurities and cinematic tracks is available for download by way of Fu Fu Stew

And in the blue Mini – a selection of blues boom guitar a go-go goodies and my big bang theory of rock are up for grabs in more guest blogging over on The Axe Victim

So the pre fame fruggery and funkiness comes in the form of light entertainers and lungbusters like…

David Essex – yes him from ‘Rock On’ ‘Tahiti’and ‘Nightclubbing’ getting all Northern Souly

David Essex – So-Called Loving.mp3

Elkie Brooks – yes her from ‘Pearl’s A Singer’ and ‘Lilac Wine’ sounding just like a proper Ronette.

Elkie Brooks – The Way You Do.mp3

And the atomic Tom Jones huffing, puffing and bellowing the house down on his first single ‘Chills and Fever’

‘Chills and Fever’ is part of the ‘‘Cool Britannia‘ mix (available at )Fu Fu Stew which continues the ‘Before They Were Famous’ theme, with appearances from Quincy Jones, Lulu, Tony Newman (later working with Bolan and Bowie), Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker as the rhythm section of The Graham Bond Organisation.

Here’s the full menu and a two minute taste test

Michael Caine on Swinging London
The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band – Cool Britannia
The Small Faces – Grow Your Own
Georgie Fame – Somebody Stole My Thunder
Graham Bond Organisation – Long Tall Shorty
Tom Jones – Chills And Fever
Loose Ends – Taxman
Bo Street Runners – Drive My Car
Lulu – Feelin’ Alright
Jack Bruce – The Ministry Of Bag
Shotgun Express – Curtains
The Shadows – Scotch On The Socks
The Kinks – Brainwashed
Quincy Jones – It’s Caper Time
Lord Sitar – I Can See For Miles
The Who – Heatwave
Zoot Money – Uncle Willie
Tony Newman – Let The Good Times Roll
Keith Mansfield – Young Scene (Theme from The Big Match)
The Italian Job -Getta Bloomin’ Move On! (The Self Preservation Society)

So get on over and fill your Chelsea boots with ‘Cool Britannia’

Jude Rodgers also has some sixties glossy pop amazingness from a very young Gloria Hunniford

March Of The Mods

Posted in Uncategorized on March 13, 2008 by planetmondo

I’m in a thoroughly Mod mood at the moment – inspired by doing a guest blog spot on Axe Victim’s rocking blog – where I make the strong statement that the roots of almost all modern rock can be traced back to the sixties mod movement ( with tunes and tracks to illustrate the point) And having compiled a fourty five minute Funky Mod Mix for Fu Fu Stew – which should be live and online soon.

In the meantime here are a couple of tracks that catch the mood of swinging London and Mod mania.

Georgie Fame – You Can’t Sit Down.mp3
If they do ever invent a time machine – this gig is straight where I’m headed

London Jazz – Things We Said Today.mp3
Sessionistas go jazz samba on this Fab Four cover