March Of The Mods

I’m in a thoroughly Mod mood at the moment – inspired by doing a guest blog spot on Axe Victim’s rocking blog – where I make the strong statement that the roots of almost all modern rock can be traced back to the sixties mod movement ( with tunes and tracks to illustrate the point) And having compiled a fourty five minute Funky Mod Mix for Fu Fu Stew – which should be live and online soon.

In the meantime here are a couple of tracks that catch the mood of swinging London and Mod mania.

Georgie Fame – You Can’t Sit Down.mp3
If they do ever invent a time machine – this gig is straight where I’m headed

London Jazz – Things We Said Today.mp3
Sessionistas go jazz samba on this Fab Four cover


7 Responses to “March Of The Mods”

  1. are you the ace face or just a BELL BOY? 😉

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Well I’m wearing a purple shirt (with target board cufflinks) and a suit with pink lining – yes, I really am so probably more like Camp Freddy meets Jason King.

  3. Roman Empress Says:

    I bet you’ve seen the Georgie Fame clippage on Ready, Steady, Go haven’t you? Fab. Fancy a dance?

  4. bleecher Says:

    lovin the mod tip mr mondo … its taken you a few years to get round to my (the correct way) of thinking. But the wait was worth it… long live my mohair suit if i still had one….

  5. planet mondo Says:

    RE – I haven’t seen it, but will be shimmying over straight away. Defo to a dance, I’m always up for shaking a leg.

    Bleech – yes you’re right, I was later bloomer with Mod as a lifer see what you think of this my big bang pow theory of rock here on Axe Victim’s site

  6. Cocktails Says:

    Dammit, PM, I was saving that London Jazz Four track for an upcoming feature on my site, but you’ve got in before me!

    I saw Georgie Fame at the Jazz Cafe last year, and while he was good, it just didn’t quite have the vibes. When you get that time machine can you pick me up on the way?

  7. Planet Mondo Says:

    Cocktails – you’ve got to post the London Jazz lot, there can never be too much of this track

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