Another Green World

I’m off to the country for a week – just round the corner from this place. But while I’m away…

If you fancy a read…
Blogging really doesn’t get much better than this

If you fancy listen…
Why not pick and mix from these rocking
pop nuggets and rare soul sweeties

If you fancy a watch…
The internet was invented for scraps like this

PS – suggested soundtracks for my trip are here if you fancy a nosey.


6 Responses to “Another Green World”

  1. Axe Victim Says:

    My Costwold nuggets used to always be anything by Joe Walsh. Never fails to inspire.

  2. Devil Dick Says:

    See you soon!
    Cheers & thanks!

  3. Roman Empress Says:

    Hee hee, on the day you linky me (thanks!) I do a non-music post. Such are the ironies of life.
    Do hurry back.

  4. have a good time, PM…

  5. In case nobody else has let you in on this…go to…for a track you’ve been searching for

  6. Planet Mondo Says:

    Aaaah – thanks all, you’re too kind. And a tip off about about a long lost pop nugget as well! Bonus.

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