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Midweek boogaloo – Angelic Upstarts

Posted in rockadoodledoo, vive le rock on April 30, 2008 by planetmondo

I was sixteen (and into punk) when I first picked up a guitar.

After three months of struggling with reefknot fingers, chords and calluses over songs like ‘She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountains’ and ‘Blow The Man Down’- my ‘Satellite’ Strat-a-like guitar got shelved..

So what to do with these underage overachievers – give them a clap, or a clip round the ear?

Frank “Sugarchile” Robinson – Caldonia

Ray Charles and Billy Preston – Blueberry Hill

And for all out fun size fretboard meltdown it’s Thomas McRocklin


Mellow Monday – Jackie Mittoo

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Mellow – but on the bright side of blue, and just the thing for a blazing hangover

For all we Know

Alone Again Naturally


Followed by a ‘hair of the dog’ down at the Rovers

corrie (not Jackie Mittoo)

There’s some uptown uptempo Jackie Mittoo here

And as a late addition here JM’s downtempo dub version of…..

Smoke Gets in Your Eyes

Funky Friday – One Brain

Posted in Brian Eno, electronic music, Funky Friday on April 24, 2008 by planetmondo

Well it could have gone several ways today…

Funky Drummers or Keyboard Kings – but in the end it had to be Eno a Go Go, as my sparky crackle and buzz for eighties electrickery seems finally, to be earthing itself.

And also the fact that I just haven’t been able to shake off these two tunes this week. So the only way to really excorcise them (just like the ‘Jezebel Spirit’) is to cast them out and log them in the blog.

Ali Click (The Grid Trance Mix-Long)

Of the six remixes backing Eno’s early nineties single ‘Ali Click’, this is the best of breed, with Eno’s spitfire-syllable tongue twister lyrics being spliced into a spluttering stutterguts staccato attack then set against a non stop stomper of deep space dark arts dance grooves and mewing moogs – it’s like R2 D2 DJing on the Death Star..

Ali Click (Trance Mix-Long)

Strong Flashes Of Light

‘Strong Flashes’ highlights just how invaluable Eno was as a sonic stylist for the Talking Heads ( as the soundscapes got bigger so did the suits ) only the Professor Pat Pending of pop could take a two chord turnaround then re spray and layer it with waves of phase into a shimmering synth shuffle that’s all angular clang, chattering typewriter rhythms, bubbling barking bass and jerky New York new wave funk..

Strong Flashes Of Light

Strangely but not surprisingly (it is Eno after all) both of these tracks only ever achieved B side and outtake status

If you fancy something for stress down Friday, why not flick over to the other side for a gorgeous Eno synthy soother..

“Brian’s mood is gradually changing. He orders all his friends into another room, closes the door, he sits alone on the wooden floor, visible only by the dim light shining from the bathroom. He talks to himself.” Ali Click – ( Trance Mix – Long )

And The Winner is…….

Posted in 80's, crocs, electronic music, pop quiz on April 24, 2008 by planetmondo

Mick with a stealthy 6 points who wins a trip back in time here..

Simon also deserves a shout for his healthy 4 score as well.

Perhaps it was a bit of a toughy in places – due to some ‘local knowledge’ tracks that were club hits at Crocs and few other South East/London venues. Hats not off, but tilted at a rakish eighties (over one eye)angle to everyone else who had a pop at this piece of pop puffery.

So, the final chart rundown then ..

All clips were from Standard 12″ versions execept where in italics

80s 12″ Teaser

Click on any of the answers for a full length youtube refresher…

Spandau Ballet – The Freeze

Visage – Night Train

Bow Wow Wow – Chihuahua

Simple Minds – I Travel

Divine – Love Reaction
No it wasn’t Blue Monday but Divine and Bobby O’s ‘hi-NRG’ rip off

ABC – The Look Of Love
From the semi offical club remix, as used in this vid’

Pete Shelley – Telephone Operator

Bollock Brothers – The Bunker

Yazoo – Situation
It does sound an awful lot like Axel F in places.

Gary Numan – Music For Chameleons

Japan – Quiet Life

Gina X – No GDM

And as an extra – probably my fave tune from this selection.
I’m not really a fan of SM, but this track is more Moroder/Cerrone than their usual proto U2 antheming.

Simple Minds – ‘I Travel (Remix)’

80s 12" Teaser

Posted in 1980s, electronic music, pop quiz on April 22, 2008 by planetmondo
The sort of Hi Tech Hi-Fi and graphic a go go system used to pump up the volume for most of my 80s 12″ s.

Following on from last weeks Purple Nasties post, I’ve clipped and compiled twelve snippets from retro electro eighties tracks – 12″ versions have been used where available – so, just how many can you pick out?

80s 12″ Teaser

Post your answers in the comments – and I’ll do marks out of twelve in the replies.
One clue – none of these tracks are post 1984

And is there anything more all out early eighties than this

Funky Friday – Triple Trouble

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Shortly after their 1980s chart ram-raid and debut album, the Beastie Boys dropped off my musical radar (me being into long hair, leather jackets and all things R.O.C.K at the time). Until – via the digitally doomed channel UK Play’s heavy rotation but limited library of approx’ twelve music vids (Kylie, Beastie Boys and Fatboy Slim etc…), I eventually picked up on the Beasties brilliant promos for ‘Body Movin”(Fatboy remix), ‘Three MC’s and One DJ’ and ‘‘Intergalatic’‘.

The Beastie Boys are one of a handful of bands almost fully formed for their own Hanna-Barbera style musical cartoon series ( see also – The Damned, the Spice Girls and Motorhead) with their fizzingly inventive vids, triple wallop wordplay and stealthy scrapbooking of obscure samples (dropping The Sweet’s “She thinks she’s the passionate one” into ‘Hey Ladies‘ being a double rap whammy). And if that grab bag of goodies wasn’t enough the Beastie Boys sneakily leak acappela tracks into the public domain almost endorsing the idea of mashups and bootleg remixes – you’ll find three of my personal faves below.

Alan Hawkshaw’s ‘Beat Me’til I’m Blue’ bolted on to ‘Alive’..

Alive – (Alan Hawkshaw version)

‘Word To The Mic’ from DJ BC’s The Beastles project

The Beastles – Word To The Mic

And a Blockheads/Beastie Boys Booty from Mark vidler

Go Home Productions – Triple Rhythm Stick

Beastie Boys – Triple Trouble

For more unlikely Rap reworks check out…

Eminem Vs Del Boy

Beastie Boys Vs The Ramones

“Meet the gang ‘cos the boys are here, the boys to entertain you…”

Midweek Boogaloo – Amos Milburn

Posted in rock n roll, rockadoodledoo, vive le rock on April 16, 2008 by planetmondo

The first in an occasional series documenting tunes, tracks and clips that swish, swing and have a rythm section that thumps, bumps and bounces like those pesky picnic grabbing ants from Tom and Jerry.

How snappy would it be to walk up to some dusty ol’ pub piano, crack your knuckles and hammer out the honky tonk like this….

Amos Milburn – Down The Road Apiece

‘Down The Road Apiece’ was reworked some years later by the Stones, who really don’t make a bad shout of it – hear here.

And for all out rockingness….

Amos Milburn – Chicken Shack Boogie