Outdoor Miner

what a huff and puff! Trying to shift back into gear, after a week of stretching out and strolling through miles of spacey acres.

I fancy becoming an ‘Outdoor Miner’- whatever it is.

Wire – ‘Outdoor Miner’

Wire – ‘Outdoor Miner’

You can read about the making of this tune here, and have a peep at an actual factual ‘Outdoor Miner’ right here.


13 Responses to “Outdoor Miner”

  1. Welcome back and what a song to return with. About 10 years ago when my turntable was out of action I bought a copy of Select magazine because it was giving away a CD with this on. Have you been here for your Chant No1 remix yet?

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Mick – It’s such a magical little tune, and those dreamy backing vox too

    Have just been over and filled my Tukka Boots with that long lost Spandau nugget – thanks for the shout and happy anniversary to you and Mrs Mick.

  3. Welcome back! My second favourite Wire tune after Dot Dash. Easy to see where half of Blur’s catalogue took it’s inspiration from…..

  4. Devil Dick Says:

    good to have you back kind sir!

  5. rockmother Says:

    Hurray – you are back. Ooh – Chant No 1 remix – I don’t need this pressure on….

    PS: I did a podcast while you were away – got another one coming up this week. Catch up now! Chop chop!

  6. Planet Mondo Says:

    Simon – it’s a beaut isn’t it, know what you mean about Blur, add this track and XTC’s ‘Respectable Street’ and that is the early Blur template.

    Thanks DD, looking forward to loading up that mighty new mix of yours on Fufu- anything with added Osmonds has got to be a winner.

    RM I’ve spent one whole hour, looking for a fancy Dan m4a/mp3 converter so I can get on earful of your shiny new podcast on Fenchurch Flyer the tomorrow. I’ve already tried a taster and Beastie Bloke, The Sonics, and John Cooper Clarke straight on the bounce – Oh Yes looking forward to that treat

  7. Spacey acres…I need me some spacey acres…

    Top tune, top band, welcome home.

  8. i could never get past them looking like such tossers especially on stage. that bass player especially.

    we southended but you weren’t there – the fenchurch flyer is a marvel and we’ll be going on it again asap

  9. Planet Mondo Says:

    Davey thanks for the thumbs up. You should do what Ally did and pop to Southend (bring the kiddies with you) – longest pier in the world and all that, and the Old Leigh is lovely.

    Ally when can we see the photos? Try jumping off at Chalkwell and walking to Leigh it’s a delight, but swerve Southend High Street – it’s like ‘The Hills Have Eyes’

    give me a shout next time you’re around – you’ve got the details

  10. adam brown Says:

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  11. Axe Victim Says:

    You like my sister!
    Anyway, good to see you back fresh from the country Mondobaby. What books did you buy?

  12. welcome back to the land of Blog Mondo – Where’s the ‘oliday snaps then?

  13. Planet Mondo Says:

    Adam – sorry but I’ve got other phish to fry like that great Nigerian financial scheme I’ve just invested in.

    Axe – No books. but too many bottles of red, all of which got guzzled before coming home.

    P – Thanks for that, why not pop round one night, and I’ll fire up my slides.

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