Funky Friday – Triple Trouble

Shortly after their 1980s chart ram-raid and debut album, the Beastie Boys dropped off my musical radar (me being into long hair, leather jackets and all things R.O.C.K at the time). Until – via the digitally doomed channel UK Play’s heavy rotation but limited library of approx’ twelve music vids (Kylie, Beastie Boys and Fatboy Slim etc…), I eventually picked up on the Beasties brilliant promos for ‘Body Movin”(Fatboy remix), ‘Three MC’s and One DJ’ and ‘‘Intergalatic’‘.

The Beastie Boys are one of a handful of bands almost fully formed for their own Hanna-Barbera style musical cartoon series ( see also – The Damned, the Spice Girls and Motorhead) with their fizzingly inventive vids, triple wallop wordplay and stealthy scrapbooking of obscure samples (dropping The Sweet’s “She thinks she’s the passionate one” into ‘Hey Ladies‘ being a double rap whammy). And if that grab bag of goodies wasn’t enough the Beastie Boys sneakily leak acappela tracks into the public domain almost endorsing the idea of mashups and bootleg remixes – you’ll find three of my personal faves below.

Alan Hawkshaw’s ‘Beat Me’til I’m Blue’ bolted on to ‘Alive’..

Alive – (Alan Hawkshaw version)

‘Word To The Mic’ from DJ BC’s The Beastles project

The Beastles – Word To The Mic

And a Blockheads/Beastie Boys Booty from Mark vidler

Go Home Productions – Triple Rhythm Stick

Beastie Boys – Triple Trouble

For more unlikely Rap reworks check out…

Eminem Vs Del Boy

Beastie Boys Vs The Ramones

“Meet the gang ‘cos the boys are here, the boys to entertain you…”


14 Responses to “Funky Friday – Triple Trouble”

  1. rockmother Says:

    Cool. Will listen later today – am looking forward to The Blockheads booty. Yes – I was the same. When The Beasties first started I was into old school like LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash, Sugarhill Gang, Eric B, Roxanne Shante, Wildstyle, Public Enemy, De La Soul, Tribe called Quest and Jungle Brothers – the Beasties sounded like spoilt yapping chihuahua’s to me. I re-discovered them via the Sabotage video and Paul’s Boutique which is a brilliant album. They were the best thing at Live Earth (apart from Spinal Tap and Red Hot Chili’s) – they exploded onto the stage in their shot-silk green suits and ROCKED THE HOUSE. They have broken a few other cool artists such as Money Mark and Luscious Jackson via their Grand Royale label and have recently set up their own production company.

    Pardon me for clogging up the comments box – I went into a huge stream of thought there!

  2. i was just about to do beasties saturday morning telly thingy and hell i think i still will – ta for these they’re tops. let’s hear for the old men

  3. Planet Mondo Says:

    RM – I must see that audience filmed live DVD of the BB’s – Money Mark, didn’t you have a track from him on your last podcast? And what was that great slowy track of his ‘Cry’ or something.

    Ally – Go on fire it up, there’s always room for more Beasties.

  4. Shall I post a pic of my horribly warped copy of pauls boutique my “friend” left in the sun *sob* I’m afraid I liked’em when they were young ,dumb and ….when they were funky too. Yeh Boyee.

  5. oohhh scary divshare plays leona lewis when you are not looking!

  6. man, I haven’t listened to the Beasties for years. Pauls Boutique…that’s a bit of vinyl that I never replaced….

    What were the other white jewish hip hop crew…3rd Bass? Ah De La Soul and Jungle Brothers…that really takes me back….

  7. Planet Mondo Says:

    BL – Got to see a copy of that warped album. Damaged records and ‘reef knot’ cassettes would make a great post – my brother ordered a rare 12″ Italo Disco single , which arrived in 12 pieces – whoops. And don’t forgot to check the Intergalactic vid (it ties in with your
    Godzilla post.

    Dust ’em of and spin ’em up.Don’t remember 3rd Bass, did you ever try Handsome Boy Modelling School album ‘So…How’s Your Girl’? What a winner, And Souls Of Mischief ‘Til Infinity'(instrumentals)album. Is well worth grabbing.


    I’ll have to see if I can get hold of them again; that’s another old bit of vinyl that never got replaced when my vinyl took the great long walk to the charity shop……

    Yes. I know. I regret it already. But most (99%) is replaced. I do miss my dusty sevens though…

  9. Planet Mondo Says:

    Simon – you’re a star, will be filling me boots with 3rd Bass when I finish typing. I can also feel a big Beat buzz coming on too..

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  11. bleecher Says:

    i still sniff my leicence to ill vinyl .. they are just masters of their game… nothing will come close.

    KICK IT!

  12. Planet Mondo Says:

    And Bleech, they’re getting better than ever – so fill your boots with these booty remixes

  13. Hey, you seem to like Beastie Boys remixes. I run a site that currently has over 2000 Beastie Mixes… Come Download some..

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