Funky Friday – One Brain

Well it could have gone several ways today…

Funky Drummers or Keyboard Kings – but in the end it had to be Eno a Go Go, as my sparky crackle and buzz for eighties electrickery seems finally, to be earthing itself.

And also the fact that I just haven’t been able to shake off these two tunes this week. So the only way to really excorcise them (just like the ‘Jezebel Spirit’) is to cast them out and log them in the blog.

Ali Click (The Grid Trance Mix-Long)

Of the six remixes backing Eno’s early nineties single ‘Ali Click’, this is the best of breed, with Eno’s spitfire-syllable tongue twister lyrics being spliced into a spluttering stutterguts staccato attack then set against a non stop stomper of deep space dark arts dance grooves and mewing moogs – it’s like R2 D2 DJing on the Death Star..

Ali Click (Trance Mix-Long)

Strong Flashes Of Light

‘Strong Flashes’ highlights just how invaluable Eno was as a sonic stylist for the Talking Heads ( as the soundscapes got bigger so did the suits ) only the Professor Pat Pending of pop could take a two chord turnaround then re spray and layer it with waves of phase into a shimmering synth shuffle that’s all angular clang, chattering typewriter rhythms, bubbling barking bass and jerky New York new wave funk..

Strong Flashes Of Light

Strangely but not surprisingly (it is Eno after all) both of these tracks only ever achieved B side and outtake status

If you fancy something for stress down Friday, why not flick over to the other side for a gorgeous Eno synthy soother..

“Brian’s mood is gradually changing. He orders all his friends into another room, closes the door, he sits alone on the wooden floor, visible only by the dim light shining from the bathroom. He talks to himself.” Ali Click – ( Trance Mix – Long )


5 Responses to “Funky Friday – One Brain”


    Somewhere on this page is a mix of Set The Tone’s ‘Dance Sucker’. I don’t know how old the mix is.

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks for that Simon I couldn’t find a working link though – I don’t remember what it sounded like, just that I liked it at the time – I think they were on The Tube once

    this is another tune I’m trying to track down that was a club hit, rather than radio or chart at the same time Ash In Drag – The Mystery Girls

  3. Hmmm. Must have still been half asleep. Could have sworn there was a link there. Nevermind. Go here

    It was on a blog last month but the link is dead on the blog. But you can listen to it – click play on the hypem page.

    There’s an album that came out recently called ‘Funky Nassau: the Compass Point Story’, it’s on there. It’s a good bit of funky electro. I’m going to have to search it out myself!

  4. Oh and all my google skills can’t find the mystery girls track, just the video.

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    I can’t turn it up anywhere either and I’m a bit of an internet ferret (interferret?) – I did notice one of the comments on the clip was from an ex Mystery Girl though – so he must have a copy, I might mail him…

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