Midweek boogaloo – Angelic Upstarts

I was sixteen (and into punk) when I first picked up a guitar.

After three months of struggling with reefknot fingers, chords and calluses over songs like ‘She’ll Be Coming Round The Mountains’ and ‘Blow The Man Down’- my ‘Satellite’ Strat-a-like guitar got shelved..

So what to do with these underage overachievers – give them a clap, or a clip round the ear?

Frank “Sugarchile” Robinson – Caldonia

Ray Charles and Billy Preston – Blueberry Hill

And for all out fun size fretboard meltdown it’s Thomas McRocklin


2 Responses to “Midweek boogaloo – Angelic Upstarts”

  1. rockmother Says:

    How funny – I favourited that Caldonia clip a month or so ago when looking for Louis Jordan stuff – as you do in a random moment. What a boy!

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    He’s a cracker isn’t he – I think he does ‘Numbers’ or ‘Counting Boogie’ which is worth a peep too

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