Brazilian Wax

Really… who wants to be working on a day like today when you could be sitting and sipping in the sun. So, should you feel like popping some bottle tops for a splash of something soothing why not try these tunes as a musical mixer..

And speaking of mixes I’m working on a new comp’ for Matt’s The Right Side Of Funky blog ( you really should check out the new ‘Quel Organ’ Mix on there right now) which I’m trying to keep as tight as pair of snug fit Speedos but just can’t seem to tuck these tunes into the tracklist…

Sergio Mendes and Brazil 77 – ‘Superstition’

Patricia Marx – ‘Menino’

Azymuth – Jazz Carnival


10 Responses to “Brazilian Wax”

  1. Cocktails Says:

    Ah, perfect. Get me out of this office now.

    Do you like Seu Jorge? His records are pretty good for a lazy summer day.

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks for the tip Cocktails I don’t know Seu Jorge, but will check him out.

  3. The Beat Collector Says:

    I feel a liquid lunch coming on.
    Top sunshine sounds, thanks Dave!

  4. Ooh, that Patricia Marx is a corker, tell me where I can get more of that!

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    Cocktails – I didn’t know it was him from Life Aquatic, I’ll be grabbing that nugget then (anything on a label called Mr Bongo – has got to be good)

    Matt – I can feel the buzz for an early flyer and sneaky sip starting too.

    Davey – you can find it right here, but it seems to be out of production judging by the prices – have a nosey on google blog search – some ol’ rascal is bound to have ripped and uploaded it.

  6. Davy H Says:


    You’ve sent me off for a Brazilian Wax myself mind – been enjoying this all afternoon.

  7. Planet Mondo Says:

    Tom and Joyce – love the name, love the cover and at £2.92 new or used – it’s going straight in th ebasket = scuse types had a cou[ple o ciders – huaazh

  8. Davy H Says:


  9. sergio sure looks great as a ref.

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