Favourite Shirts – Admiral Ringer

How badly do I want of these T Shirts? Enough to spend more hours than I really should scanning and scouring eBay for variations on the “Admiral ringer tee shirt” theme. I’d have to favour the sky blue flavour out of the three though.

And how about a manbag to go with it? – Perfect

So get your ringers on, have a quick freshen up with this – then it’s off here to shake a leg to tunes like…

Close Shave – Keith Mansfield

These pic’s are taken from the ‘Admiral 77/78 Season Catalogue’, when Admiral were the Kings of club kits, and in case you’re wondering…

Yes – I do have the whole catalogue.
Yes – I will be scanning in the highlights


11 Responses to “Favourite Shirts – Admiral Ringer”

  1. In the interest of full disclosure I did have a yellow shirt or similar as my mum bought me (to my shame a yellow leeds kit when I was 8) I was heart broken and she wouldn’t take it back. I do have a addias holdall but they get tiresome after a while rucksacks are much more useful. I noticed gola now have trendy store in carnaby st not bad for the uncoolest poor kid ya mum got it off the market brand.

  2. Cocktails Says:

    Yes, you must post some more from that catalogue – just so I can marvel at the manly facial hair.

  3. God the sight of that admiral holdall just took me back in time. I had an adidas holdall, because I preferred the shape; and it went with my trainers. But I can just see that admiral logo hanging off the fat kid’s shoulder, looking weirdly small, like his mum’s handbag.

  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    BL – I used to have an Adidas (brown) holdall, but with handles not this ‘manbag’ style – I’m not a footy fan but was a sucker for Admiral gear and had the West Ham top (with v style chest stripes) and Coventry (with the side stripes running into the shorts). I was in the Gola shop a couple of weeks ago – not bad actually.

    Cocktails – I will be posting more, there’s flared tracksuit bottoms and a great gallery of haircuts with comb overs, David Soul styles and lumps’n’bumps like this one.

    Simon – Adidas were always cool ( SL76sthe Starsky ones are my faves – I picked some up when they were reissued as a ltd edition few years back), but around 77/80ish Admiral were the kiddies.

    The cheapy bags at our school always just had “sport” on them sometimes with a football for the “o”

  5. Axe Victim Says:

    i shall welcome all things Admiral as they occur dear fellow. Keep it uppiee.

  6. The link to the song seems to be a bit…wrong…

  7. Planet Mondo Says:

    Axe – I’ve been sifting through the brochure, and have found some Socc’a’likes including Mick Hucknall, Mika and Harrison Ford. They’ll be here soon.

    Simon – just checked the link and it seems to be OK. Slow, but does kick in eventually – good ol’ div-share

  8. Mondo,

    I remember having the Admiral England kit in the late 70’s\early 80’s – with the red and blue stripes goinf horizontally across the top – my mum couldn’t get me out of it!

    Camdens the place to pick up old originals, but they wont come cheap.


  9. While I’m uncertain about your sense of fashion, I heartily approve of your choice of music.

  10. bitterandrew Says:

    (That was me, by the way. Blogger though it would be funny to truncate my name and break the profile link..)

  11. Planet Mondo Says:

    P – the England one is a classic, there’ll be some pics soon.

    BA – I guessed it was you, Admiral rolled out the good stuff in the States too..

    Tampa Bay Rowdies
    New York Cosmos
    L A Aztecs

    I found an Aztecs one (different to this design though) in a local Charity shop some years back

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