Funky Friday – Worldwide Funk

Mondo Internationale – Teaser Trailer

I’m off on a Bank Holiday break at Matt’s The Right Side Of Funky today, with a brand new mix ‘Mondo internationale’

So what are Bank Holidays traditionally about then? Traffic and travel usually – and with that in mind I’ve tried to make ‘Mondo internationale’ a united nations mix of global groovers and tropical treats by blending acts from Nigeria, France and Jamaica with inter continental hops and stops at St Tropez, Broadway and Panama. Although there are earthquakes and a small splash of of bad weather on the way, hot pants are recommended as the temperature is generally hot, fiery and fevered with the final destination being Hawaii (5-0) for a hook up with Sammy Davis Jr.

The full mix is here if you fancy hopping onboard – think of it as an antidote to Eurovision

You can taste test my musical version of a Wimpy International Grill at the top of the page. Somehow I couldn’t seem to squeeze these two tunes into this short haul shakedown

Asiko Rock Group – ‘Lagos City’

Alan Hawkshaw – ‘Expo In Tokyo’

There’s another couple of outtakes here if you fancy completing the set


10 Responses to “Funky Friday – Worldwide Funk”

  1. Mr Double Down Says:

    Gotta nice 2 hour Bank Holiday train journey this week end, this should make it all a bit easier!

    You’ve gotta love ‘egg Roll’ but unless I take up Bank robbing as a new hobby I cant see it joining my collection anytime soon!

    Mr Double Down

  2. I’ve enjoyed going on your musical trip around the globe PM.
    It was fun!
    (gonna have another spin right now!)

  3. Axe Victim Says:


  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    Mr DD – thank funk for Quantic comps and Amazon New Or Used.

    Lil/Axey glad you’re enjoying this global warmer.

  5. Roman Empress Says:

    Oh no, divshare is skipperydoodahing again. I’ll come back tommorow and hopefully all will be right. Bah!

  6. Vincent The Soul Chef Says:

    Mr. Mondo, thank you for making my work day a little brighter… This mix was pure FIRE! I’ll email you later with more questions…

  7. Planet Mondo Says:

    RE – it may be easier to download rather than stream it, Divshare can be a bit flakey at times you can see why it’s called the DIV part comes from .

    Vince – meant to say the Joe Bataan track is one of yours. I didn’t realise until I was going through the individual rips today and the tags showed it was from your ‘Talking Loud’ mix. So thanks for that and a soul salute is due.

  8. Another quality mix there Mondo – you taking commisions yet??! hows about a funky 70s tv themes mix?!

  9. Planet Mondo Says:

    Seventies themes? I’ve got a couple of ideas on a similar theme lined up.

  10. Only yesterday over a boozy family roast we were enjoying your Latin-vibe mix – you must send me a track listing (I’d especially like to know who that sexy little ‘I’ve got lipstick on’ number is by….)

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