Something Old – Something New

Something New

Tronik and myself went to see Big Boss Man at Metro last week (unfortunately BBM didn’t play due to the drummer’s Tonsillitis) but we did manage to catch Silvery’s high speed, high energy Victoriana vampings as well as shiny new Swedish band Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck’s debut UK gig – MWML seem to specialize in songs sketched in the neat clean lines of Scandanavian designs, blended with the muted toots of trumpets, trombones and the jolly melancholy of Nick Drake on a sunny day all finished off with a polite pop polish. But don’t just take my word for it – why not taste test one of their Scanda-pops below? Or check out their Myspace site

Mockingbird, Wish Me Luck – Let’s Watch The Sunrise

Something Old

Bank holiday Sunday saw me shaking a leg and raising a glass at the Crocs 80-85 reunion along with assorted other ex Goths, Punks, Psychobillies and Blitz Kids (sort of fiends reunited – and on the Sabbath too!) How good was it to hear all the Crocs classics at club volume – as well as these period pieces I’d completely forgotten about…

Don Armando – I’m An Indian Too.

Tuxedo Moon – No Tears

Blue Rondo a La Turk – Klacto Vee Sedstein


7 Responses to “Something Old – Something New”

  1. rockmother Says:

    Mockingbird Wish Me Luck is the title of a book of poems by Charles Bukowski. I had forgotten all about Blue Rondo A La Turk – greeaat!

  2. MWML sounds interesting, will have to lend em an ear..

    I bottled the crocs gig, but all reports sound as though it was a top night. i’ll go to the next one in 25 more years.


  3. There’s a coincidence, I’ve just posted some Blue Rondo over at my place. Great minds etc…

  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    RM – I’m all for Blue Rondo you can grab ‘Klacto’ here.

    P – you’ve got to get along to the next one (and you to RM – which is meant to be in December), it was an absolute belter, (apart from Steve Strange)and a tip top tear up with sooo many good tunes.

    Mick – Must be the ol’ psychic radar

  5. Roman Empress Says:

    I’ve been listening to ver Mockingbirds Myspace after you told me about them. Very nice lounge type stuff. Would suit F-C’s living room pic today!

  6. Devil Dick Says:

    planet m i belive i owe you some songs! I have a few ready to go but i’m waiting on my lady friend to get her fanny in gear~!

  7. planet mondo Says:

    RE – I don’t think the album’s out yet (although they were selling it at the gig) – It’s full of gentle summer strummers.

    DD – anytime’s that good for you is good for me.

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