Buzzing Off

I’m out and about for a few days – but while I’m on the hoof – riddle me this pop pickers? Why was this cheeky piece of pop perfectness only a mini blip and not a monster hit?

Mint Royale (with Lauren Laverne) ‘Don’t Falter’

Mint Royale (with Lauren Laverne)- ‘Don’t Falter’

Back Friday playmates.

PS – if anyones’s got a copy of the Mint Royale remix below (Frank Sinatra ‘This Town’) – could you do a bloke a flavour and knock me a copy? I’m buzzing for it.


4 Responses to “Buzzing Off”

  1. I love that Mint Royale track; the second Kenickie album is pretty much along similar lines as well, all fluffy Saint Etienne loveliness.

    Perfect pop for a summers day!

  2. seconded on the mint royal . I have the lp if thats helps and as for Kenickie I’m a Punkka I am

  3. Planet Mondo Says:

    The Mint Royale album ‘On The Ropes’is a gem – reminds of the ‘Bentley Rhythm Ace’ album in places too.

    I’ll try and grab the Kenickie albums then – thanks for the tip.

  4. I like both Kenickie albums, but they’re very different beasts. The first is punky pop thrash – buzzcocks/ramones. For a taster of the second make sure you head over to my pages!

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