Hello Sailor

I’ve developed a something of sweet tooth for sugar puff summer pop over the last couple of weeks (I’m not alone though, Claire Woo‘ and Five Centres have both had similar cravings) , I can trace mine back to the source when a cosy local BBC radio station played ‘Sail On Sailor‘ as part of a 1973 chart rundown (‘S.O.S’ got to number 37) – and that was it – the tune was anchored in my head, repeat played several times on the bounce and has left me high, dry and buzzing for candy floss pop ever since.

Now, I’ve got a complete blind spot for the Beach Boys, I know ‘Pet Sounds’ is regularly pegged as a classic (not that I’ve heard it), but otherwise I couldn’t tell you the blue flag beauty spots from the red flag danger zones in their back catalogue.

Wherever this tune sits in the ready reckoner of rock – guilty pleasure or buried treasure – ‘Sail On Sailor’ is a drifty dreamy honey coloured mellow belter, perfect for a summer soundtrack..

Beach Boys – ‘Sail On Sailor’

Ray Charles and the Beach Boys – ‘Sail On Sailor’


17 Responses to “Hello Sailor”

  1. That cover shot of the Beach Boys looks a bit like a Marvel Comic from the sixties.

    Stan Lee presents: The Beach Boys. Art by Jack Kirby. Well, with chins like they’ve got.

    Although Ditko would be better for Brian’s bits and pieces. And obviously the Silver Surfer would have to guest star…

  2. Axe Victim Says:

    Sail on Sailor is a great song that also reminds me of being a kid. Ah… the summer of ’73 was the best year ever. I can almost smell the cut grass from way back then. How many songs have used Sailor in thier title then Mondo?

  3. Tune! have you heard the rest of holland? There’s a mad song about an eagle on it.
    I first heard “sailor” on a compilation from the record shop that’s now JB’s on Hanway st a really good selection I try fish it out.
    As to the wider beach Boys I always liked the best of beach boys as much as Pet sounds.

  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    Simon – Don’t start me on comics I can (and do) go on for hours about them..know what you mean about Marvel – Jack Kirby’s style was face front with the outstretched hands wasn’t it. Namor/Sub Mariner would have to be included too.

    AV this is the second time I’ve manged to use Hello Sailor as a title

    I’m not sure about sailor song titles but was always keen on ‘Glass Of Champagne’ and ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ by Sailor.

    BL – I’ll have to dig that one out sounds tempting.

  5. Late period Beach Boys is still an area where one can find undiscovered treasures, like “Do It Again” and “Long Promised Road“.

  6. Axe Victim Says:

    OK, yes I know you have used that on ebefore dear fellow! Thanks.

    As for Sailor, I saw them supporting Cockey Rebel in 197errr at the Hammy Odeon. The worst thing for me is that my memory is getting to be a bit like Elvis and I can’t remember much about any of those early ‘glam’ gigs. It was like going to Saturday morning pictures and I never liked that much.

    As for The Beach Boys, well as a monaing minnie I can say I never cared for them much either but I loved Dennis’ Pacific Ocean Blue. Well, I mean I did love it until I played it again many years later. It’s actually a pile of cack, despite what the young critics of the day have to say. These are the same people who are saying that Paul Weller’s latest album is his ‘White Album’ which I take to mean that they think it’s crap. Mrs. A has it and I’ve tried to listen to it but I too think it is crap. Or is it me?

  7. Cocktails Says:

    Funnily enough Mr Mondo and Axe Victim, I was just listening to Pacific Ocean Blue today. It’s ok but nowhere near as good as the rave reviews it’s currently getting suggest that it is.

    I actually prefer Paul Weller’s newie!

    Sorry, back to the Beach Boys. One of my favourites is Sunflower from 1970. I don’t think its got any ‘hits’ on it but has some damn catchy tunes like Deidre and All I Wanna Do.

  8. Cocktails Says:

    PS. Go out and get Pet Sounds now! It’s not routinely voted one of the best albums of all time for nothing you know!!!

  9. Holland‘s a cracker PM – buy. You can also get Sunflower with Surf’s Up as a budget ‘two-fer’ – the first is pop perfection with Brian on form and some lovely first Dennis songs including the immaculate ‘Forever’; the second has a 2-3 stinkers but some jaw-droppingly beautiful Carl Wilson songs and Brian’s ‘Til I Die’ and ‘Surf’s Up’ (reassembled from the SMiLE sessions with a lovely Carl lead vocal and the original Brian middle section). You’ll thank me.

  10. Nearly as good as the Bleach Boys…..

    I like the tune apart from the keyboard that sounds like a badly attached doorbell.

  11. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks for the recommendations all, I will be getting/grabbing/downloading ‘Holland’ – (great name for an album has anyone made one called ‘Belgium’?), ‘Pet Sounds’ and ‘Sunflower’ by the end of the week.

    I pulled the Weller one last week, but haven’t cranked it yet.

  12. I love the new Weller album; there’s at least three songs on there that are better than anything he’s done for years and the other stuff on it is damn good too (apart from some of the more…experimental stuff). I’ll accept that as a pretty good hit rate for somebody who’s been around for as long as he has.

  13. rockmother Says:

    Oh goodness – I am transported back to childhood – the tinny radio in the kitchen blasting Sail On sailor as I eat tuna from the tin while no one is looking (not allowed!)and steal a handful of Birds Trifle Sponges for a little sweet chaser. The windows are open and it is humid – I can hear the traffic thundering by on Warwick Road and my Dad playing something else on the hifi in the living room.

    Anyway – back to life, back to realiteeee as they say – was lovely to meet you albeit briefly last night – hope to catch up properly soon.

    RM X

  14. Planet Mondo Says:

    Simon – I’ll try the Weller one over the weekend (I’ve just read a great interview with him from ’77 in the excellent ’77 Sulphate Strip’) as I’ve just been got hold of the Beachy ones today..

    RM -SPONGE FINGERS!!!! they were delish. Good God I’d forgotten all bout them. Great to see you too. I think we should ask Axey to sort out a blog meet barbie and we can have a real ol’ natter about punk – what do you think x?

  15. iLL Man Says:

    Had a massive Beach Boys/Brian Wilson obsession a few years ago. So much so that I can hardly bear to listen to some of their stuff now. Pet Sounds is nice, beautifully put together, but it misses the target with me. The Smile sessions are fascinating, not to mention very beautiful in places.

    If you’re after the same sound as ‘Sail On Sailor’, then Sunflower is possibly what you’re after oddly enough. Holland is a bit on the esoteric side, quite oddball in places. Needless to say, along with Smiley Smile and 20/20, it’s a favourite BB album.

    It was the last time they were remotely genius. Next stop: ‘Hey Little Tomboy’.


  16. Planet Mondo Says:

    Ill Man – I’m working my through ‘Holland’ and ‘Sunflower’ right now. I’ll give Hey Little Tomboy’ a swerve then.

    BL thanks for the tip.

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