Fur Den Untergang

Roman Empress and I have been putting our collective noggins together for a ‘prog blogging’ project. RE has thumbnailed nine key scenes for an imaginary film ‘Fur Den Untergang’ capturing the cultural claustrophobia, ‘Stasiland’ suspicous minds and shifty whispers of early eighties East Germany – while I’ve compiled a nine song soundtrack which hopefully matches the mood of each scene and the Totalitarianism and tower block greyscapes of the time..

You can read the script here, and download the soundtrack below…
(or stream it over at RE HQ)

‘Fur Den Untergang’ – O.S.T.

‘R.A.F’ – Brian Eno (& Snatch)
‘Big Dome Pt. 1’ – Phil Manzanera
‘48 Hour Drive’ – Baltic Fleet.
‘Warm Leatherette’ – Grace Jones.
‘`84 Pontiac Dream’ – Boards of Canada
‘Back To Nature’ – Fad Gadget.
‘Tom Baker’ – The Human League
‘Memories Can’t Wait’ – Talking Heads.
‘Small Hours’ – John Martyn.

But there’s a couple of extras and outtakes too.

Gina X – ‘No G.D.M.’
I had planned to use this for ‘scene 4-the party scene’, but ‘G.D.M’ seemed cult rather than club, and didn’t have the new wave cocktail cool of Grace Jones

Brian Eno ‘Mist/Rythm’
This had been ‘final scene’ for 90% of the time, but seemed soothing rather than sombre, whereas John Martyn’s ghostly notes seemed pitch perfect for the lonely closing coda.


12 Responses to “Fur Den Untergang”

  1. wot no Bronski Beat??! nice idea guys n gals.

  2. Axe Victim Says:

    And something by Iron Maiden too? It wants livening up a little, all this black and white noir malarkey. Let’s have a bit of colour? All those poor old Eastern Germans didn’t always live in mono you know? Why can’t we have something happy for a change? A little Burt Bacharach for example. Something from ‘Butch & Sundance’? Yes that would be nice.

  3. planet mondo Says:

    No Bronksi Beat P, this is more Christiane F – than Christopher Isherwood

    AV you can fill your bunder boots with James Last right

  4. Cocktails Says:

    Gina X – excellent. I’ve been trying to buy this 12″ on ebay and keep getting pipped at the post.

  5. Roman Empress Says:

    “This is more Christiane F – than Christopher Isherwood.” Classic!

  6. ‘prog-blogs’…….*shudders*

    And you present me with a bit of a problem: which blog do I comment on all of this??!?!?!?!??

  7. planet mondo Says:

    Cocktails – Is the 12″ an extended version, or one those same length but with an extra (usually instrumental version on the flip?

    RE – It’s a gift

    Simon – treat yourself and chip in on the tunes here and the synopsis here

  8. Ad (L E B) Says:

    What no Klaus Nomi?

  9. Hope you don’t mind I’ve done a trabitastic tribute to celebarte you Probblog cold war theme. 🙂

  10. Cocktails Says:

    PM, To be honest I’m not sure about what I’ve been bidding on! I just assumed it was a 12″ extended mix. The b-side has two tracks called I.C Code and Kaddish…

  11. Planet Mondo Says:

    Ad – there used to be a great clip of Bowie using Pelham puppet size body as his body, doing ‘Boys Keep Swinging’ live on TV with Klaus Nomi on backing – Piley’s got it somewhere.

    BL – you’re a star and like the Third Man in this piece of eighties espionage.

    Cocktails I’ve just checked here, and there is 1m:40s extra on the 12″ – and it’s the 12″ I’ve posted here. So no need for ebay mania.

  12. Cocktails Says:

    Great. Thanks for that, although there is still nothing quite like having the vinyl!

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