Funky Friday – Latino Lovelies

Hola! Hola! Hola – it’s all gone Channel 9 and Mondo Bossa shaped for todays fistful of funky numbers, revolutionary remakes and south american shakedowns – so fill your botas mi amigos.

Ándale! Ándale! Arriba! Arriba!
It’s Wah-wah and bongo a go-go from Willie Bobo
Willie Bobo – ‘Always There’

There’s a rootin’ tootin’ tropical tear up by way of…
Mongo Santamaria – ‘Lady Marmlade’

Muchos Gracias
To Nanker for putting this loco cover on my musical map –
Pucho and his Latin Soul Brothers – ‘Sex machine’

And finally ¡Salud! to Budd for tipping me off about Freakpower’s ‘Rush’ which samples Pucho’s ‘Got Myself A Good Man’

Back to the usual Rioja and Roll next week hombres


11 Responses to “Funky Friday – Latino Lovelies”

  1. oooh that’s me busting moves all over the gaff – high quality and just what we need to blow away the clouds – i shall blast these through kent on sunday on the way to the sound mirrors to keep the rain at bay

  2. Rioja and roll. Blog pun de la semaine.

  3. ¡Pucho rico — ahora quiero bailar como mono loco!

  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    Ally – can we see your ‘bailar’ing’ on youtube?

    Davey – Cómo se dice … en español? – Mi aerodeslizador está lleno de anguilas.

    Nanker – Hey Oye, como va?

  5. I’m so sorry, he’s from Barcelona.

  6. Vincent the Soul Chef Says:

    Hey Mr. Mondo!!!

    Keep on killin’ ’em!

    That album cover is some looker too!

    Peace and blessings.

  7. nice selection Mondo – but they all sound like a soundtrack to a hot sunny day… just one thing missing…

  8. Planet Mondo Says:

    Hey Vince – you’re back! How was the wedding? I’ve got just the tunefor you and Mrs Fufu.

    P – turn off your heating, and turn up the tunes. Isn’t Southend meant to be one Britain’s driest places?

  9. The King Of Cool Says:

    That cover is smokin’ hot.

  10. HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. Says:

    That Mongo take on Lady Marmalade is SUPERB!! Can’t believe I’ve never heard it before. Cheers!!!

    Peace and SOUL,

  11. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks – and perfect for summer too.

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