Funky Friday – If I Ruled The World….

This would be the end of office hours anthem. When clocking off time arrives (4 pm Monday – Thursday, 2:30 Fridays) whistles wouldn’t be blown or hooters tooted. No,no, no. ‘Soul Town’* would be piped through PAs as everyone drifts away from their desks and doings, heading for the park to waft through willow trees.
The Motherhood – ‘Soul Town’

All alarm clocks would kick off at the crack of 10am (Mondays to Fridays) with this ripstart stormer.
The Fabulous Wailers – ‘Wailin”

And The Gee-Cees would provide the offical opening fanfare for all Saturday night shindiggs, shakedowns and tear ups.
The Gee-Cees -‘Buzz Saw Twist’

Suggestions for parade music, event anthems and any other occasion motifs are always welcome.

And please, please, please pop over and say hello the Larry Funky 16 the King of Crate Diggers who’s just reached 1 million hits – yes 1 million – and is celebrating with a special mix of funky Beatles covers.

*If I ever get round to doing a podcast (called-‘Spodulike’ ) I may use ‘Soul Town’ as the closedown tune


6 Responses to “Funky Friday – If I Ruled The World….”

  1. The King Of Cool Says:

    I like the idea if you ruled the world. Let’s make it happen. 🙂

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    It would take some planning – but could be a goer. I’d be up for it.
    *goes off to draw up schemes and find a stately looking ball chair*

  3. What a brilliant world it would be PM!

    I’m not an early morning person, but I reckon “Wailin” would get me springing out of bed in the morning…

  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    Wouldn’t it just – bouncing out horizontally.

    PS – there’s a few more Elvis Memphis album tunes here, if you want to grab them.

  5. Cocktails Says:

    It’s true. The Fabulous Wailers are very good for Monday mornings.

    Although, in reality, I generally find myself listening to something more sedate. Miles Davis is very good for easing yourself into the week.

  6. Planet Mondo Says:

    Monday and Friday mornings I tend to listen to podcasts – on the walk to the station anyway. But regularly sneak in the Faces ‘You’re So Rude’ there really is nothing finer for putting a Friday spring in your step

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