I Quite Like Silvery

I’ve been getting in a fizz and a froth about Silvery and their Sparks/XTC hurdy-gurdy style jiggery-poppery for some while now, and it all seems to be coming together for them as speedily as quicksilver. Here’s the news – and it’s all good…

They’ve been played on Radcliffe and Maconie

Steve Lamacq’s been raving about them in his Blog – and had them in session on his show.

The new album ‘Thunderer & Excelsior’ is out on the 11th, and will be featured as 6 Music’s Album Of The Day on the 12th ( the’Devil In The Detail’ single was also the winner of a recent 6 music Round Table )

The band have been invited to play at Rough Trade East’s first Birthday Celebrations on August 15th

So if you are in the Brick Lane area on the 15th why not pop along and have a peep? The Silvery surfers always put on a fast and furious live set – it’s like a gig, only on fast forward – where you’ll be able to lend an ear and shake a leg to tunes like…



All the dates, details and Silvery whispers are right here…

Silvery – MySpace Site


7 Responses to “I Quite Like Silvery”

  1. Cocktails Says:

    Mmm, might have to check that gig out.

    I see that RT are billing them as ‘The Silvery’ though. Is it going to be a controversial ‘the’ – like The Pink Floyd and Eagles?

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    It’s well worth catching a live show if you can – I’ve seen them twice this year, and they always tear it up. I saw them in this month’s Q , but missed RT what was that about then?

    I heard a phone in once with someone saying how they went off The Beatles, after they started singing songs like ‘I Am A Walrus’!

  3. you beat me too it mondo! My next post is gonna be a Silvery coloured one too – the lads are generating plenty of interest eh?


  4. Cocktails Says:

    Sorry, PM, I meant Rough Trade not a certain TV listings mag, got the name wrong. And they should know better.

    Your comment about the Beatles reminded me of an entirely irrelevant quote from some musician in the NME (annoyingly I can’t remember who) who said that they went off The Clash after their Grandmother announced that she liked ‘Wrong ’em Boyo’ (although I suspect you went off them long before that!).

  5. I love silvery, first saw them when they played with my former band the fuckwits in shoreditch, fucking quality.

    interesting comments about the seditionaries ruck over at the look’s blog too!

  6. bitterandrew Says:

    If transatlantic flights weren’t so pricey, I’d be there with bells on.

  7. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks Muzz – whereabout in Shoreditch – not the Mother Bar?

    BA I’ll let you know what the album’s like – it’s bound to be a belter

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