Funky Friday – Scooter Tunes

It’s a guest blogger day today, and Tall J from the Tall J Blog has picked and mixed a medley of Mod, Soul and French Funk for Scooter Mix Volume Two – aside from this mighty mix, J has also managed to track down one of my fave funk obscurities Willy Mitchell ‘That Driving Beat’ by way a of soul stomping comp, which is well worth grabbing and a vid’ well worth watching below. So, over to Tall J…

When I make a mix, my first priority is too make it fun. I want it to be something I would dance too. To quote the Junior Walker track I put in here, I want someone to hear this and say “Put on your wig woman, we’re goin’ out to shake and fingerpop.”

This one starts out with Gemini by Gunter Norris. Don’t know much about him, but it’s a great track and I thought the space theme was appropriate for a visit to Planet Mondo. From there on out it’s a mix of classics and hopefully a song or two you may not have heard before. The original version of this mix was a bunch of hopelessly obscure songs but in the end it didn’t flow right, didn’t feel right, and was just a real bore. I mean, there is a reason that a song like the Vandellas’ Nowhere to Run will always pack a dance floor, regardless of how many times it has been played before. So rather than just slap together a bunch of “nuggets”, I picked tracks for how they work together. I picked them for their beat. There’s no grand reason any of these songs are here. They are here because I really like these songs and for me, that’s reason enough.

I had a lot of fun making it. I’ve had a lot of fun listening to it. There’s some Northern Soul. There’s some YéYé. There’s some Mod Revival stuff. Hopefully there’s a little bit of something for everybody who hangs around Planet Mondo. Big thanks to PM for inviting me to do this.

Scooter Mix – Volume Two

Gemini-Gunter Noris
Same Old Song-The Four Tops
Baby Hit And Run-The Contours
Les Responsable-Jacques Dutronc
Shake and Fingerpop-Junior Walker and The Allstars
Air Travel-Chris Farlow
Let Your Heart Dance-Secret Affair
Sproston Green-Charlatans UK
I Can’t Explain-The Who
He Was Really Saying Something-The Velvelettes
Latin Skate-The Cheap Skates
Les Filles C’est Fait Pour Faire L’amour-Charlotte Leslie
Save It For Later-English Beat
Alexander-The Boots
Nowhere To Run-Martha Reeves and The Vandellas
Own Up Time-The Small Faces
I Love You Baby-Cindy Scott

Scooter Mix – Volume 1 (and a little extra )is available at Tall J’s always excellent blog.

Willy Mitchell ‘That Driving Beat’


11 Responses to “Funky Friday – Scooter Tunes”

  1. entrailicus Says:

    This is fabulous, thanks for all the hard work that went into this.

  2. excellent stuff love the mods in space logo!

  3. Planet Mondo Says:

    It’s a great mix isn’t it – and I love the opening track – J did the art work too, and if that isn’t enough Part 3 is available on his rocking blog

  4. Cheers, nice one

  5. Ah great stuff mate; I’m away from my music at the moment so this is an extra special treat!

  6. Me in 1978 – Two tone shoes and suit, edwardian collar shirt with tie pin and black skinny knitted tie. Lamberetta TV 200 with every conceivable accessory. Total knob. Had me a real good time. Secret Affair. The Action in Richmond. Bliss.

  7. Glad everybody likes the mix. Like was mentioned before, Part III is up on my blog at the moment.

  8. i’m diggin out me desert boots as we speak… nice stuff.

  9. Planet Mondo Says:

    AV – you’ve got to post the photo’s, sounds like a start of potential blog-bit too?

  10. marmiteboy Says:

    Some great sides Tall J.

    If I could back flip and do the splits I would be doing so to this bunch of fab tunes.

  11. The King Of Cool Says:

    This was awesome. I loved it. Great job.

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