Commercial Break

I’m flat out and frazzled with work at the mo’, (what a cheek clogging up my blogging like that), so instead of my usual cyber-babble, here’s a few words from our sponsors…

The Who – Great Shakes Ad’

Left Banke – Coke Ad’

1966 Plymouth Baraccuda Ad’
Used as the intro to The Barracudas – Summer Fun

David Bowie in Lyons Maid ‘Luv’ Ice Cream ad’
He really is in there – just have a right good peep and you’ll see him!


5 Responses to “Commercial Break”

  1. The King Of Cool Says:

    Good luck with everything. I wish you the best. Cheers!

  2. Axe Victim Says:

    Ow queer. I’ve just orderd a copy of Who Sell Out!

  3. Planet Mondo Says:

    Kingy – thank you, I should handbraking the hassle soon.

    AV any chance of a burn, I found my unplayed CD of WSO a couple years ago, thought “ooh must give that a blast”, so put in a safe place and haven’t seen it since. *gnashes teeth*

  4. surely Lulu’s Morrisons adverts have gotta be up there with the cream eh?! 😉

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    Nah – the Lulu ones you want are Happies shoes a funktastic 70s ad’ for groovy shoes, but some ol’ spoilsport’s pulled it from youtube though.

    How about Les Gray and Mud’s Green Cross Code – I can do you that if you want.

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