Funky Friday – The Groover

He ain’t no square, ‘without’ his corkscrew hair either – Marc Bolan joins John’s Children

Marc Bolan is the archetypal UK rock star – a pop pace setter always several stealthy steps and styles ahead of the rest of rock’s runners and riders, including an untimely death 31 years ago – early doors East End proto mod, pre-hippy days Tolkien folksy bloke, gone glam before all other gang bangers and one of the only old wavers inclusive of and included by the new wavers.So, how do you pop, skip and jump from Mod Bolan to Modfather? Like this…

John’s Children – Hot Rod Mama (BBC Session)

Which was covered by Marsha Hunt as…

Hot Rod Poppa

Which was sampled by Paul Weller for…

Always There To Fool You

Which is the instrumental version of…

There’s also a couple of more up to date, but down tempo T Rex pieces on the other side – including an interview with Marc Bolan just before he died.


12 Responses to “Funky Friday – The Groover”

  1. Really enjoyed this selection Mr Mondo – very clever indeed. The Marsha Hunt tune is the best though. Stomping!

  2. Was listening to Marc with Johns Children not so long ago: Desdemona, which Weller used to play live with The Jam back in the day.

    Great little piece!

  3. But that Marsha Hunt tune…definitely the best!

  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    The Marsha Tune’s a belter isn’t it – I did a bit of a double take though, when I first heard it, and clocked the riff that Weller lifted. I’m sure you’d both love the CD it’s taken from ‘Cherrystones’, it’s end to end belters and has Cher’s ‘Walk On Guilded Splinters’ also covered by the Modfather – think it’s deleted now, but you may find it via Blogsearch. Vol 2 ‘Cherrystones Rocks’ is worth grabbing too.

    PS ‘Remember Thomas A Beckett’ – is another top John’s Children tune

  5. The King Of Cool Says:

    This was a wonderful selection. I’ve been a big fan of Bolan since I can remember. I got turned on to his music from one of my older cousins.

  6. Ishouldbeworking Says:


    The Marsha Hunt song just cries out for a feather boa.

  7. Roman Empress Says:

    Well-compiled. I love T Rex. An old colleague of mine claims to have been with yer man Bolan the night he died. I wonder if that were true?

  8. Long time Bolan fan PM, and love just about every aspect of his career too. Everyone knows the glams stuff, but there is so much more hidden away. Some great little gems here. 31 years since his death next week i believe.


  9. Planet Mondo Says:

    Kingy – Check out this great work in progress version of ‘Get It On’

    ISBee you can see Bolan and a Boa here

    RE – who was it? We need names..

    P – It is next week, so seemed appropriate to post something today. I’ve found some great other funky Bolan nugg’s which I may post at some point

  10. Hey Mondohopper – I like the way Marsha has a tinge of Bolan in her intonation. Cool post x

  11. i thought it was the law if you don’t like trex you don’t really like music.

  12. Planet Mondo Says:

    Romo – It’s a stormer isn’t it, and you’re right she does have that twang?

    BL – His glam has never lost is gloss for me either.

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