Charabanc Skank

Oh dear, works getting in the way again – so this weeks FF may be short on text but hopefully tall on tunes – anyway it gives me a great excuse to post one of the finest pieces of youtubery I’ve ever found.

‘A trip to the lights’- a homemade work of genius that’s spliced together from the hits and highlights of Beardfreaks1969’s dear old grandad’s cine films – retromatic footage of coach outings, Piccadilly trips and vintage tear ups have been reworked into a 3 minute masterpiece soundtracked with Jackie Mitoo’s ‘Juice Box’.

It’s worth noting the volume of frown free faces in the film. I really don’t think you’d get that today.

‘A trip to the lights’

Plus a double barrel from Mr Mittoo

Juice Box

Get Up and Get It

And a little snifter of something in memory of Pink Floyd’s Rick Wright..

Easy Star All-Stars – The Great Gig In the Sky


6 Responses to “Charabanc Skank”

  1. yeah can’t beat abit of cine, now it’s dark at night I’ll get on and finish putting mine onto video.

  2. Short n sweet!
    I love the tunes and film – Was life simpler then? (My frilly frown lines are developing very quickly it seems!)

  3. Planet Mondo Says:

    BL – Get them up – there’s a lovely ‘moving Polaroid’ quality about Cine..

    Great footage isn’t it – like a Wheeltappers and Shunters day out

  4. The King Of Cool Says:

    Good luck with work. Hope you get a chance to rest and relax. Cool tunes. I really dig them. Have a great weekend.

  5. love the cine! Something about it makes is look so much older than similar aged footage shot on 35mm.


  6. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks Kingy – you can’t beat a bit of Mittoo for a soothing tune.

    P – how about getting some of your home vids on the net? I’m sure I remember one of you, E F Rice and myself leaping about in a park somewhere

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