By George This Is Good

It’s 75% Beatles – written and produced by George Harrison, with Macca on bass and Bongo on drums.

Has guest appearances from Clapton at at his British blues-grinding best and the happy honky-tinking piano of session king Nicky Hopkins.

It conforms to all the codes and conventions of classic pop and packs more crackle than a Catherine wheel into a fizzing four minute bundle.

So why wasn’t ‘Sour Milk Sea’ a hit of any kind for Jackie Lomax (it didn’t even chart, after it’s release in ’68!) – And why has no one covered, or at least sampled it since ?

Jackie Lomax – Sour Milk Sea

Jackie Lomax – Sour Milk Sea

You can the hear work-in-progress version below, as the Fabs jam on ‘Sour Milk Sea’ round at George’s place ‘Kinfauns‘ while offering up a fistful of each other’s tunes for possible inclusion on the White album.

George Harrison (demo) – Sour Milk Sea


8 Responses to “By George This Is Good”

  1. Brilliant find, Mondo. As if to confirm what you wrote I was aware of this song but never heard it and never made any effort to track it down. It’s great.

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    That’s it isn’t Mick, one of those titles, you hear floating around and never get round to checking out, but what a beaut’ makes you think why do I need to bother trying to half hearted new bands, when there’s golden nuggets like this to be dug

  3. The King Of Cool Says:

    Very cool. George was always my favorite Beatle.

  4. Hey, thanks so much for posting! I loved the album when it came out & all the words&notes all came back upon listening tonight….
    Apple Girl

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    Kingy – it is a peach of a tune isn’t it – would love to heard Sammy Davis doing a version of it

    Thanks Apple Girl (you’re not the blessed wild apple girl Marc Bolan wrote a song about are you?) Check back tomorrow as I may be loading up some funky fab covers if I can find where I filed them ..

  6. nice work fella!

  7. That’s a great picture too.

  8. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks P

    Simon, it’s sort of ties in with Lennon being the missing link on this one (you can hear him chipping in with some chat on the demo version).

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