Funky Friday Pt 2 – Funktacular

Well here’s a first, a second FF post (while politely pickled too) – I’ve spent years scouring for this clip so I’m grabbing it while it’s up.

No rabbit, jabber or blab from me could do it justice – just tuck in to this explosive performance from Sammy Davis and two friends – it’s impossible to watch just once

For Once In My Life…


9 Responses to “Funky Friday Pt 2 – Funktacular”

  1. This is such a fantastic clip. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I love it. Sammy is so groovy here. He is one of the coolest cats ever. I will definitely be watching this again and again.

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    It’s cracking isn’t that clobber, those moves, that thunder-along bass line and horn riffery – magic.

  3. It made me feel exhausted watching those girls dance. Yet they seemed hardly out of breath. Middle age has clearly caught up with me if I can get tired sitting down!

  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    Apparently one of them’s his wife – and he was about 44 when he made this .

  5. sammy looks like he just busted out of a choclate prison with them brown stripes and man them ladies sure was a movin’…. kinda made the devil tingle in a dark place if you know what i mean…. one of themwas his wifey huh? lucky man while he was alive. I wonder if Frank approved of the hippy clothes though…???

  6. love it PM! Great version, great clothes, great everythin!

    ‘Ol Frank had a pretty good go at coving that track too, but his idea of dressin down for the kids was taking the bow-tie off and puttin on a jumper!


  7. Wow. That was fantastic.

  8. What a mooover – loving the whole catsuit thing.

  9. Planet Mondo Says:

    It’s walloping track isn’t it? Does any know if there’s an audio of it available – buzzing to get a copy.

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