Funky Friday – Bloggers Banquet

Most of the Stones uptempo output comes with a fully formed stomp in it’s step, created by a combo of Charlie’s pumping pulse-beat drums, Keef’s louche grooves and Mick’s swishery (check out ‘Bitch‘ or ‘Monkey Man’ for examples of all three in perfect synch’), so it only takes a touch of extra heat under the tunes to clonk them up a groovy gear…

Merrie Clayton – Gimme Shelter
Merrie’s belting version of ‘Shelter’ was my proto-Funky Friday post

Anadar Shankar – Jumpin Jack Flash
Sitar Hero a Go-Go

Little Richard – Brown Sugar
A screeching, squawling, Southern Soulish re-work of ‘Brown Sugar’

Mary Wells- Satisfaction
A Tamala flavoured twist on the Stones Standard

And also worth lending an eye too…

Sympathy For The Devil

Recording possibly the most influential “ooh-ooh’s” ever (kicks in at 1:18)

Thelma Houston – Jumpin’ Jack Flash

A beaut’ of a belter

Otis Redding – Satisfaction

Otis’s (backed by Booker T and The MGs)entire Monterey set is explosive, but this track is unrelenting – listen out for ‘Duck’ Dunn’s piledriving bass runs.


13 Responses to “Funky Friday – Bloggers Banquet”

  1. You’re never alone when you’ve got the Stones to keep you company.

    Check out The Exploreres Club for great Beach Boy sounds. I’m on a whole new vibe!!!

  2. I’ve always been a big Stones fan. They really get my blood pumping. Some cool tunes for the weekend. Hope you have a good one. Cheers!

  3. Roman Empress Says:

    I’ve always felt I should like Mary Wells more than I actually do, due to *that one song* (which I surely don’t need to name) pretty much pressuring the listener to put her up there with Aretha, Staton etc, which she just can’t live up to, but her take on yer Satisfaction is pretty good.

  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    Col – Heard the Explorers Club – great stuf have you checked out Sonic Executive Sessions very similar

    Thanks Keef – dropped you a comment about where to buy the Sammy Davis clip on DVD

    RE – I can’t stand that tune either – but I think Anandar and Merrie are the pick of the bunch for me -and Thelma version of JJ Flash

  5. Can’t beat that to start the weekend mondo! nice work fella!

  6. Vincent the Soul Chef Says:

    Nice work collecting those great clips…

    @ romanempress: Mary Wells is a lot more than just My Guy, although I can certainly see your point. That song is well overplayed but still a classic…
    She did do some nice tunes for Motown back in the day.

  7. Roman Empress Says:

    Vincent, ‘My Guy’, is a bore, although I was talking about ‘beat you to the punch’ which is pretty good but still it’s not Aretha or Staton in my opinion.

  8. Planet Mondo Says:

    Vince – Have you heard the Ruth Copeland version of ‘Shelter’ – I may dig it out for Halloween

  9. bitterandrew Says:

    Every Friday, I think “How’s PM going to top last week’s post?”

    You have yet to disappoint.

  10. Nice post, Planet Mondo. The Merry “Brown Sugar” Clayton version of “Shelter” is a given towering performance, but thanks especially for the Anadar Shankar sitar driven “Flash”, which I have until now never had the pleasure of hearing.


  11. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks BA that is high praise coming from a blog-buster like yourself.

    IB thanks for stopping by – have you ever heard the Ruth Copeland (backed by Parliament)version of ‘Shelter’- watch out for it in an upcoming Halloween mix I’m knocking up.

  12. Devil Dick Says:

    ace of a post!

  13. HeavySoulBrutha DaveB. Says:

    ACES!! Not to be a trainspotter, but although I’ve seen quite a few spellings/misspellings, Ms. Clayton’s first name is spelled Merry on my 45.

    Peace and SOUL,

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