Who Are The Mystery Girls ?

I only know a limited amount about each of these performers, and I think I’ll keep it that way. It’s actually quite liberating enjoying these songs for the songs sake – and not having the added baggage of facts and figures or being weighed down with the relative worth worked out on some ready reckoner of rock, pop and soul, which would burst the mystery bubble and take the gloss of the goodies anyway.

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Judy Clay

‘Private Number’ the duet with recorded William Bell, was her only UK hit.
Judy Clay – ‘It Ain’t Long Enough’

Chris Clark
Was the first white female artist signed to Motown.
Chris Clark – ‘Everything’s Right Everything’Wrong’
(It’s that man again- James Jamerson on bass)

Dee Dee Warwick
Is Dionne’s elder sister.
Dee Dee Warwick –Rescue Me

Dee Dee also does a belting version of ‘Monday Monday’ – I’m desperate to get any version of this – so I’d be eternally grateful if anyone could slip a ‘Monday Monday’ MP3 my way.


12 Responses to “Who Are The Mystery Girls ?”

  1. Not meaning to be one of those irriting sods, but isn’t that Chris Clark rather than Chris Carter? (Although as Chris Carter created the X-Files it’s kind of fitting..) I’ve a great version of Do I Love You (Indeed I Do)by said lady.

    Dee Dee Warwick – that’s the second time this week she’s turned up in a blog. I’ve been looking around earlier this week to see what’s available and what I owned myself and nothing appears to have ‘Monday Monday’ on it. There is a Youtube of it though…

  2. Pretty good. I like the Chris Carter/Clark track in particular. It’s amazing that they just churned this stuff out in the 60s. Girls Aloud just doesn’t compare…

    BTW, I have a similarly unknown/underrated soul artist, Letta Mbulu, on my site this week too.

  3. Although on second listening, that track does some sound like a master compendium of every Surpremes track going. Love Child is particularly strong…

  4. Planet Mondo Says:

    Well spotted Simon- I always make that mistake, which is why I can never find her on my MP3 player – Chris Carter was also a member of Throbbing Gristle (that’s another Chris, not the Motown or X Files one).

    Cocktails there’s a great Chris comp’ which contains the best of her output – but some of it can sound a bit Motown-by-numbers in places but worth grabbing for this great tune though Love`s Gone Bad

    PS in case anyone’s wondering after few Peroni’s and some plonk – decided I was bored of being a ball chair – so am using my Facebook, Myspace pic instead.

  5. This looks interesting mondo, but can’t get the tracks from work… be sure you check em out at the weekend.

    Are you coming out for a beer with the lads tonight? Colin e-mailed you i think? be good to ‘hook-up’!


  6. bitterandrew Says:

    Excellent stuff as usual, PM!

    I might be able to help out with the Dee Dee track. I’ll email you once I’ve given the archives a going over.

  7. I was really intrigued to “Rescue Me” by Dee Dee. I never knew Dionne had a sister that sang as well. My mom was always a big Dionne Warwick fan when I was a kid. Great clips. It’s cool to listen to songs by people that never might have been big stars. Or even they were, they have faded away by our time. It’s nice to listen to music without all the drama, etc. of celebrity there. Have a great weekend. Cheers!

  8. great super and smashing – especially the chris clark stuff – she’s another of berry’s girls i think and ended up on the business end of motown and yes love’s gone bad is especially ace

  9. Look what I just found in my ipod!


  10. rockmother Says:

    Great selection Mondo – Esther Phillips was also of that stable – orig signed by Johnny Otis as Little Esther Williams – came and went without trace until she was re-discovered in the early 70’s by Kenny Rogers! . Died at the age of 48 after a small comeback after a 20 yr break in recording. Great talent, big drug problem. She was nominated for a Grammy for A Whisper To A Scream – she lost to Aretha Franklin – when Aretha stepped up to get the award she presented it to Esther saying that she should have got it instead. More here:

  11. rockmother Says:

    I meant “Little Esther Phillips” – don’t know why I wrote Williams!

  12. Planet Mondo Says:

    BA and J thanks ever so, for digging your crates and coming up with the Dee Dee tune.

    Keith I’ve got a Dee Dee comp but the songs tend to be on the downtempo softer side of things – but you’re right there is so much buried treasure out there.

    RM thanks for the Esther tip I’ve got ‘Mojo Hannah’ by her but really should get some more

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