Eager Beaver

The Call Of The Beaver Patrol
by V. T. Sherman – is available to buy from Amazon…

I knew that this Soup Dragons tune was a rework of this Stones obscurity, and the bass line on this nineties floor-filler was lifted from this sixties soundtrack.

But until a couple of weeks ago, and thanks to the ‘Play Any Track‘ option on my trusty Creative Zen Xtra, I never knew that ….

PWEI – Beaver Patrol

Was a cover of this….

Wilde Knights – ‘Beaver Patrol*

*mis-spelt as ‘Beaver Control’ by the ripping software. My favourite example of rock typo’s in my MP3 collection is The Sweet’s ‘Burn On The Flame’ re-titled by the Russian download service ALLOFMP3 to ‘BUM On The Flame‘ – ouch!!


13 Responses to “Eager Beaver”

  1. all togther now “Let’s go down town a hustle chicks” …. oh no takers well maybe not then.

    As to mis spellings on media players. Baltic fleets tracks weren’t on MS player data so I uploaded mine so one track is now labelled “24hrs from Bolton” also I got some track details from apple and the composer name was “that tw*t bono” tee hee.

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Marvellous stuff – I’ve also got Freddie King ‘Boogie Funk’ – rebranded as something a bit more colorful (track 36)

  3. Hey. That Wilde Knights original is really good, and thanks for reminding me that the Soup Dragon owed that hit to the Stones; I’d completely forgotten about it even though I’ve got it on “Out Of Our Heads”.

    Senility sets in!

    BTW: “that tw*t bono”; fantastic.

  4. I’ve seen so many typos in song titles. Sometimes the artist is listed as someone else. I remember one time “Love Song” by the Cure was marked as “Love Song” by Motley Crue. That would definitely be a different take on that song. lol

  5. nice beaver……….

  6. marmiteboy Says:

    Terrific stuff Mondo. I am as stunned as the rest of us that the Poppies verse was a cover. And we all thought it was a Grebo master piece.

    Good work fella.

  7. Cocktails Says:

    I never knew that either. Well uncovered! It’s a cracking tune too.

  8. nope, never knew that either. Think the Poppies are the winners out of the two tho, great track is that!

    You’ll be telling me their single of Love Missile F1-11 was a cover next 😉


  9. Planet Mondo Says:

    Bleech – why does that ring a bell, where have I heard it before?

    Cocktails – did you check out the other tracks in the posting Stones/Soup Dragons and Dee-lite/Herbie Hancock. I may crack a few more of these things in the blog (if I don’t get busted again – more on that later) and have you heard the Small Faces/Led Zep rip off – I think it’s in an earlier posting somewhere.

    MB/P thought this would tickle you two ol’ Toothbrushers fancies

  10. Cocktails Says:

    Yes, I knew the Dee-lite and Soup Dragons stuff, but never would I have thought that the Poppies were nicking tunes. Not on Beaver Patrol anyway! And who’d thought that the man who wrote Def Con One, would go on to score proper, serious films…

  11. “Nice beaver”

    That’s Naked Gun isn’t it?

  12. Planet Mondo Says:

    Cocktails – I never knew that!

    Simon – *snaps fingers* that’s the one!

  13. Cocktails Says:

    He was actually nominated for a Golden Globe award for scoring the Darren Aronofsky film The Fountain. He also did Requiem for a Dream – which quite possibly the most intense film I’ve seen in recent years…

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