Funky Friday – Who The Funk Are You?

It’s Pop-O-Matic!

Well Pop pickers – it’s something a bit diff’ for this week’s Funky Friday..

Can you work out who’s who on this tricky trio of mystery tunes? Can You do it? Of course you can. The prize of an exclusive ‘Tronik Youth’ shredit of a Northern Soul Classic will go to first past the post(ish)

I ran these three nugg’s past Marmite when I bumped into him on the Fenchurch Flyer earlier this week – he managed a healthy crack at it and was certainly in the right territory for all tracks…so I reckon it’s doable, but will give one clue for starters.

All artists are British

Mystery Track 1

Mystery Track 2

Mystery Track 3

Now, you could go a’Googling for clues – but do you really want to live with the head-a’hanging shame of knowing you’ve had a dodgy ace up your internetty.


20 Responses to “Funky Friday – Who The Funk Are You?”

  1. think I’m there for 1, good idea for 2 but need more clues for 3

    and sorry to be anon – but my google account is not letting me in !

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Fair enough Anon 11:17 – couple of clues then.

    Track 1
    She’s better known for a duet, than as solo artist

    Track 2
    Possibly better known as cabaret clone of a seventies supergrouper

    Track 3
    She’s better know as a TV Actress, but not really a heavy hitter.

  3. I’m not going to embarrass myself with any guesses, but they’re all pretty good (albeit in a slight KPM sort of way).

  4. Anon 11:17 here again – thanks for the clues – they confirm I know 1@2 and I was thinking 3 was an actress … still not sure who though 1 is Kiki Dee
    2 Brotherhood of Man and 3 I’m guessing Diana Rigg ? or Honor Blackman or oh I don’t know !

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    Blimey Anon – red hot – that’s the ones

    1 – Kiki Dee

    2 – Brotherhood of Man

    3 – she’s not as high profile as that, really known for a part in an 80s kids show

  6. well i’m bloody clueless. brotherhood of man ???? blimey. top stuff kiddo

  7. I’m stumped, despite the escalating clues; I’m getting blonde coming through over the ether for some reason…

  8. It’s the witch out of “Rentaghost”.

  9. Funky16Corners Says:

    The Kiki Dee was familiar (great Northern appeal too), the second and third tunes are completely unknown to me, though the singer on the last cut sounds familiar.
    Good post!

  10. I’m not that good with guessing myself. They were all cool tunes though. You always post good music. Have a good weekend.

  11. Planet Mondo Says:

    Ally – you should grab Kiki’s Motown album ‘Love Makes The World Go Round’ you’d love it – she was a backing singer for Dusty at one time.

    IB – you’re sooo close, fine tune your psychic radar and you’ll crack it (right theme/wrong show)

    Hey Hey Larry a royal visit from the King of The Crate Diggers!Fantastico!

    Thanks Keith – how did you get on with digging out some Corduroy nuggets..

  12. Anonymous Says:

    It’s not Aunt Sally is it? (Coop)

  13. Planet Mondo Says:

    Nah not Aunt Sally – I’ve just checked her (the singer) on IMDB and she’s only really done one show and one character. It’s mid 80s and everyone, well in the UK, will know the name.

  14. Man, this has got me thrown on a ‘Twister’ mat in my brain!

  15. is it susan stranks, valerie singleton, jenny hanley or the woman who played Mrs McClusky in grange hill??

    where do i pick up my prize??!


  16. or Jane, out of Jane Rod and Freddie??

  17. Planet Mondo Says:

    No – no no it’s none of those – The thing is she’s so tied in with one prog any clue would give it away – I’ll post the answer later if I’m still on the bounce – been giving a free bar a whack since 5:30 so A bit relaxed

  18. Is it Toni Arthur??

  19. Ooer. I could it was Kiki straight away. But Brotherhood of man…wow…the third one is stumping me too…

  20. Ok, I’ve done some google work; and I can’t believe that’s who it is on track 3. Wow. I can’t put the picture in my head of what she looks like together with the track..

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