Grotbags A-Go-Go

So, the musical mysteron was …..Carol Lee Scott

Better know as ‘Grotbags’ from the Rod Hull and Emu show.

Carol was something of a cabaret legend before crossing over to TV, working with stars like Max Wall, Arthur Askey, Morecambe & Wise, Ella Fitzgerald and Tommy Cooper – there’s an cabtastic interview with her here – on the Licorice Soul website. I first picked up on this tune via the mighty Licorice Soul Working Mans Soul album, a cracking comp’ of classic cabaret turns.

The final rundown looks like this…

1) Kiki Dee – The Day Will Come Between Sunday And Monday

2) Brotherhood Of Man – Reach Out Your Hand

3) Carol Lee Scott – That Little Bit Of Love

As young Mr Grace used to say “You’ve all done very well” so here is the Tronik shredit of N.F.Porter’s Keep On Keepin’ On

Orig’ version


10 Responses to “Grotbags A-Go-Go”

  1. Jesus! That was closer than I imagined… Close but no cigar.

  2. Never heard of her. Was obviously thinking of someone else entirely 😦

  3. I’ve never heard of her myself. Now I learned about someone new.

  4. marmiteboy Says:

    I’ve been playing guess the band with my workmates all week with the Brotherhood of Man track. Not one correct answer as yet.

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    I’m sure most of you’d know here if you saw her (actually you can click on the link for a clip)

    I may have to do another one of these pieces of tune based trickery again – got a few nuggets lined up already

    MB Have you tried anyone with that David Essex tune

  6. You’ve never heard of Grotbags!?!?!? wow….

  7. Well no. When was this on?

  8. Planet Mondo Says:

    It was about mid 80s – I never really watched it, but was aware of Grotbags work

  9. Ah, I was at Uni – and the only TV we watched was Brookside and The Tube!

  10. entrailicus Says:

    Grotbags was once the celebrity guest on ‘Bullseye’. Unfortunately, I think she ended up getting nothing for two in the red.

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