Never Mind The Bollock Brothers

If you were the age to be out, about and shaking a leg (or flapping an arm) in Southend’s early 80s alt.clubs and shady places like Crocs, Chesters and The Monkey House – or whatever your regional variation was – these two tunes should be more time-trippy than test driving the TARDIS, take you right back to the dry ice-age, and have your phantom senses tasting the ‘snakebites and black‘, smelling the ‘Hard Rock‘ hairspray (or Boots green, gunky, ‘Country Born‘ setting gel), and perhaps feeling the itch of a black mohair jumper if you were ever a proto goth-monster or grebo-warrior…

The Bollock Brothers Horror Movies

I really must get the BB’s ’83 rework of the Pistols NMTB album

Red Lipstique Drac’s Back

At the time, there were shifty whispers that Red Lipstique were actually the Bollock Brothers in disco disguise.

You can see more about the Southend scene (including my live pics of The Damned, The Sweet and Lords Of The New Church – and my punk top 50) at the always excellent Southend Punk site


13 Responses to “Never Mind The Bollock Brothers”

  1. hehehe…..Wild days weren’t they PM.
    Fantastic post!

  2. Planet Mondo Says:

    Definitely wild, and most of it under/over the legal limits I’m sure.

    Found a load of Chesters, Monkey House and Crocs flyers recently – I’ll be uploading a few more hopefully

  3. Wow! That was really cool. You Brits really had some awesome music going around at that time period.

  4. Ishouldbeworking Says:

    Jock McDonald, Chief Bollock with the Bollock Brothers, effectively kidnapped a chap we knew and kept him in a locked room until he came up with a riff for what was to be the BB’s new song. Chap was so scared by the experience that he could only remember one tune – ‘No GDM’ by Gina X. He reproduced the riff, and convinced Jock and the other kidnappers that it was an original. If you listen to what became ‘The Bunker’, you may spot the similarity.

    True story. Wild days indeed…

  5. Planet Mondo Says:

    Keith check out my mixwit comp here – for a snapshot of the sound of the crowd at this particular time..

    IS – Amazing. And the sort of nugget I can’t wait to start passing on to people – thanks for that.

  6. Ishouldbeworking Says:

    My pleasure! If you ever find out whether Jock McDonald is dead or alive, I’d love to know. He asked me to do ‘backing vocals’ for Red Lipstique once, but I had a feeling there’d be strings attached so I said no..

  7. great tracks. and great flyer – dont make em like that any more eh?? even the lowest rent gigs n clubs have the most professional looking flyers now. bleedin’ PCs.

  8. Planet Mondo Says:

    IS – have mailed you some links about the BB’s

    P – ‘handmade flyer’s’ sound like a great post for ‘start the revolution’

    Got a great Monky House one that looks like Tunk’s must have done while drunk – but have you ever seen the Pistols screen on the green one , and that’s from the hand of Jamie Reid

  9. I’ll be sure to check it out. I never really grew up with any music like that. Most of the bands of this nature I never even heard of it over here.

  10. Hey dig your stuff. Came from the Devil’s music. Wondering if you wouldn’t mind tossing a shoutout to my Halloween blog,

    I’m gonna add you to my links.

  11. Planet Mondo Says:

    Glad you’re into keith – it was a bit underground here, so not surprised the tunes didn’t make it across the Alantic..

    Dude – all done, your in the Trilogy of Terror posting great blog BTW

  12. Anonymous Says:

    Hey I have always loved the red lipstique track. Is there a possibility of a download ?. Great blog by the way. Steve.

  13. Planet Mondo Says:

    Thanks Steve there’s a link in the post but you can grab it here

    PS are Southend Punk Steve?

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